July 15, 2018

Even though we missed the cut, I had a great two days hanging at Kristy’s host housing.

Yesterday I was pitching a football into the pool while the girls fought over the catch. Took a break and watched the Senior Open then went back to my quarterback position.

Also had a chance to work on my white feet.

poolside feet

Our dinner was take-out from Olive Garden. Kristy taught us a Symetra survival trick by ordering the kid’s meal. Spaghetti with a meatball, salad, a vegetable side, and breadsticks for around $5. Three of us opted for that selection and it was plenty of food.

During round one, we were discussing the lack of fans at the Green Bay event. Prior to the start, last year’s attendance was announced at 65,000 which had our playing partner say; “They must have added a zero”.

Drove all the way to Rochester this morning and staying at the Microtel for a night. Starting another Airbnb tomorrow.

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