Danielle Downey Classic 2018 – Wednesday Pro-Am

My player is Kristy McPherson.

It was a nine and nine format. The group played with Muni He on the front and Kristy the back. A friend of Kristy’s wished to caddie the pro-am so he rode the cart while I walked along. Nice.

Played a late nine yesterday with Kendall Dye and Dori Carter. Great fun.

Doris Chen was in front of us and we pushed her for seven holes. She continued onto the back after we called it a day. That had to one of the longest practice rounds for a single on record. Upstate was on the bag and earned every penny she’s paying him. She’s an alternate so Jay may be looking for another loop.

The day concluded with a caddie meeting at Ferrari’s Pizza Bar after the round. Jeffery Steffler hosted the get-together and even better, footed the bill. Many thanks to “The Brick”.

The Nerd, Bully, Jeff DeCoen, Jorge, Upstate Jay, Philly Phil, and I were in attendance. Much food and drink were consumed and caddie stories prevailed. It was a perfect evening.

Walked the course on Monday. The numbered paint was already down but only in the middle of the fairways, not on both sides. Quite a change from last week where there was an overabundance of info in the yardage book.

Apparently, there is no shortage of idiot caddies on this tour either. One guy was asked by the Superintendent to stay off the greens while he was spraying but instead of complying, got into his face. Could have been last week’s “pizza pilferer”. He’s here this week along with a few other LPGA loopers.

My Airbnb is four miles from the course. Very charming. First time I’ve slept on a memory foam mattress. Fantastic! One caveat though. I almost got locked in the bathroom. The door is sagging putting pressure on the ancient deadbolt lock. Had to lift the door to get out. If this ever happens to my host, she’s toast. Can you say mummified?

How sad is this? There are only two full field, domestic, LPGA events remaining this year. Indy and Portland. It’s only the middle of effing July!


2 Responses to Danielle Downey Classic 2018 – Wednesday Pro-Am

  1. Phil says:

    Sad about the tour.wish they played Houston! Why not? Dude i love your work here in the blog. Concise,insightful,witty! You have a gift! Rock on!see

  2. Jay C Houston says:

    I imagine they’ll have even fewer as years go on. Most events should be in Asia considering that’s where most of the dominant players are from and there’s so little interest in them here. I drove to Chicago to watch the first two rounds of the U.S. Senior Women’s Open because I’m nostalgic about the players from the past. It was a great event and a great course. I still watch women’s golf on tv but have not seen a tournament in person for many years. Michelle Wie is the only player I’m enthusiastic about but she seems to be battling injuries all the time.

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