On A Mission

Dropped by Mission Hills to watch Lotta and Mark. She was playing in the ANA Junior Inspiration.

Mark had forgotten his hat and his scalp looked as if it was fire. So, when he walked off the eighth green, he asked if I would pick one up in the pro shop. He handed over his debit card along with the PIN to secure the purchase. I said I had an extra in my car to save him some cash. I went back and got one but then I had a thought. Now that I have his PIN, hmm? How can I get my hands on that card again?

As I walked to the eighteenth tee, one of the juniors asked if I had seen a ball in the area. Her tee shot on eleven went deep into the right rough. I didn’t but said I would help her look. Turned out to be Betsy King’s group who also asked me to help look. I told Betsy that I wasn’t sure if I still had that “caddie radar” but guess who found the errant pellet. Yeah, I did it, I did it…

As we were about to depart, I could not believe who came by in a golf cart. It was Stan Kowamoto, the caddie master from Portland. He and his crew are in town to manage Caddie HQ. Finally got rid of Dumb and Dumber.


One Response to On A Mission

  1. Ozzy says:

    You the MAN!

    Was her ball playable, unplayable ? What did she do?

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