Tournament Thoughts

April 8, 2019

Again, the ANA Inspiration was disappointing as far as attendance figures go. Compared to this event in the “golden age” of the LPGA, it is woefully pathetic. Anyone who denies that Asian dominance has nothing to do with it is fooling themselves. Just change the name to the ALPGA and be done with it. The highlight was the shot off the bridge on the eighteenth.

On the other hand, the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship was a delight to watch. “Patron” support was incredible and of course, the event was conducted on a scale equal to its groundbreaking significance.

One day, a 6’2” transgender will enter, blowing everyone away, and make a farce out of the whole thing but until then …

Three more hikes in the record books. Another with Jeff Steffler on Thursday and solos the next two days. Today is a day of rest except for doing my taxes.

I got the itch for a new phone after eyeing my roommates’ new devices but I think I’ll pass. I wish my phone had a brighter screen but the cost doesn’t justify the upgrade.

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