More Miles, More Miles

My last four hikes were 7.4,5.6,6.9 and 8.9 miles. Over 70 total miles since arriving in the desert. I’m going to rest now.

Early in my ascent during yesterday’s hike, I crossed paths with two familiar faces. It was a lady with her dog Pete, heading in the opposite direction. Mark and I met her a few days ago.

We exchanged pleasantries and as she departed, touched my shoulder, whispered her address and slipped her house key into my shorts. Well, maybe not. But the shoulder touch was real. I take that as being hit on. Smile

No greens books at The Masters. As it should be everywhere.

I’m going to loop for Leslie Spalding at the local US Senior Open qualifier. It’s at Tamarisk Country Club on Tuesday the 23rd. Here are all the qualifying sites.

May have work for some Symetra events. We’ll see. Davidson NC will be my first unless I conjure up a bag for the Senior Open. They’re the same week.


One Response to More Miles, More Miles

  1. Ozzy says:

    That first part sounds like a familiar story – Forest Smich!

    Those words together don’t sound right, Leslie Spalding and Seniors. We forget that everyone gets on, not just ourselves. Please say G’day to Leslie and all the best in the Senior Open Qualifier.

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