US Senior Women’s Open–Wednesday

My player is Lisa DePaulo.

Touched them all. Good thing too. Nine was on the schedule but decided to keep going. They added some forward tees and the greens are firming up.

Finished the day with a massage from Lisa using a Hypervolt vibration massager. Unbelievable! Topped that off with a couple Duck Hook pale ales and a nosh.

Here are some caddie/player matchups.

Rick “The Nerd” “Big Cat” Kim Williams
Stephanie Farwig Barb Mucha
Chris Fitzpatrick Donna Andrews
Tom Borwick Audra Burks
Mark Scott Lotta (of course)
Doug Wilbur Christine Reuss
Jeff DeCoen Jean Bartholomew
Donald Sneeden Cathy Johnston-Forbes
Ralph Scarinzi Julie Inkster
Danny Sharp Lorie Kane
Dan Wilson Danielle Ammaccapane
Tracy Hanson Barb Bunkowski
Rocky Venn Jane Geddes
Travis Wilson Tammie Green
Lenore Rittenhouse Nancy Harvey
Theresa Durand Jane Crafter
Speedway ?
Gail Graham Elaine Crosby
Tat Shiely Jackie Gallagher-Smith
Caroline Gowan Nancy Bowen

One Response to US Senior Women’s Open–Wednesday

  1. Roy Smith says:

    Amazing!! As I looked over the listing of both caddies, I was amazed at how many I met (20 of 23) back in the late 80’s/early 90’s at the DuPont Country Club who are still out there, some week after week, hauling that bag around. Doubt at this point I could even tote for nine, let alone 18 each day for a full week!! Have a great week.

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