US Senior Women’s Open – Round 1 and 2

May 17, 2019

My player is Lisa DePaulo.

A +3 and a +1 round = four over. Sitting pretty good going into the weekend.

Three poor short approaches (very unlike Lisa) cost us in round one and a double on a par three did the same today. But Lisa countered with six birdies today to make up for the inevitable lost strokes on a difficult course.

A fairer course setup today made it scorable. Must have dumped some water on the greens. Holding well for the most part.

Looks like we made it on the USGA website.

Me and Lisa Depaulo at the US Senior Women's Open 2019

We started on ten this morning and had to take a shuttle to the tee. They used a large van and when we arrived, the acrid aroma of overheated brakes greeted us upon arrival. The parking brake never released. Smoke was wafting from the right rear drum and some said they saw flames. We mentioned it to the driver and he was well aware of the problem. In fact, “It’s been doing that the last three days. “ was his reply.

The grub at Caddie HQ really sucks. Yesterday, I don’t know if they even brought out lunch. When I checked after eleven in the morning, leftover biscuits and gravy and cereal from breakfast were all to be had. No one was around. Today, lunch was baked beans and pulled chicken, I think. It was hard to tell. As you can imagine that’s a fairly messy combo especially without silverware!

I dined with Lisa in Player Hospitality. Baked salmon, a very cheesy risotto and carrots dressed my plate and Miller Lite washed it down. Cookies with a cup of java were the exclamation point at the end of my dining experience.

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