US Senior Women’s Open – Round 4

My player is Lisa DePaulo.

A very good week indeed. Shot +1 and finished T9. Lisa struck it great. A little better putting and the trophy would have been ours. Ifs and buts …

The shot of the day was on our final hole. 136 front, 161 pin. Down 5 yards but into the wind. Lisa’s seven iron goes 135 but death waits all who go over the green. But she knew exactly what was needed. No way was it a six.“It’s a Texas beater seven iron.” she said and it was perfect. Landed six on and rolled to pin high. Two putts and we were done.

One player, who had a local looper, had to wonder about his apparel choices. Her first two rounds were late/early and when he arrived for the second day, he was donning the same black outfit from the day before. Sweat stains included. Yuk! Unfortunately, weekend play was not in the cards so his remaining attire remains a mystery.

I’m glad I was able to caddie in the 2nd US Senior Women’s Open. It was great seeing all the familiar faces. Brought back many memories. Good and bad. Smile

2 Responses to US Senior Women’s Open – Round 4

  1. Ozzy says:

    Well done to Lisa and Yourself for a good tournament and start to 2019.

    How did the body hold up?

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