Valley Forge Invitational 2019

May 29, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Touched them all yesterday. Didn’t think we would but the predicted weather never happened. Imagine that.

Experienced small-town America on Monday watching the Pottstown Memorial Day parade. Had to be 30-40 fire engines from all over the area.

Memorial Day parade Pottstown 2019

Basically, the course has not changed except they built a pedestrian bridge on the par three 14th eliminating a shuttle ride and the back tee on the par three 17th will not be used. Also, the greens are very slow compared to last year. We’ll see if that changes. If not, they might use some pin positions ignored last year.

When we were on the seventeenth tee yesterday, Min got to see how dowsing rods are used to find water pipes. The guy erecting the hole sign showed her how. Min walked towards a sprinkler head and they moved together.

Min Lee with devining rods

One used to be able to differentiate the Coleman twins by their footwear. One Nike, one FootJoy but not anymore. Both are sporting FootJoys. DOH!

Maybe doing something very unusual this week. The eighth green is fairly close to the clubhouse but not the ninth. So, I could see them splitting tees on one and nine instead of ten. On second thought, I just looked at the starting times. We’re all going off number one.

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