Valley Forge Invitational 2019–Round 2

June 1, 2019

My player in Min Lee.

Birdied seventeen to put us on top of the leaderboard going into tomorrow.

Yesterday, I lost the putter cover on the eighth fairway and the cart driver retrieved it. Today, coming off the fourteenth green, I lost the effing putter! I missed the pocket and didn’t notice. One of our playing partners gave it to me on the next tee. DOH!

I stopped at Boston Market for a meatloaf dinner after yesterday’s round and was very disappointed. They must have changed the recipe cause it sucked! The mystery meat was very dense. Kind a mix between rubber and

Played with Elizabeth Shultz the last two days. It’s her first Symetra event and she was really enjoying herself. On the first tee of round one, we tried to convince her that lasers were OK to use but it was all in fun.Winking smileWinking smile

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