Valley Forge Invitational 2019–Round 3

June 3, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Winner, winner, I be eatin’ chicken for dinner!

In the playoff, the other Lee put her approach in the left greenside bunker with an impossible shot to get it close. Barely kept it on the green but almost holed the putt. Min snuggled up he ten-footer for a two-putt par and that’s all she wrote.

My plan was to get one more W and retire. Then again, I may keep going and do this just for the big money. Smile

The win was a sweet birthday present for Min. She turned twenty-four while playing the tenth hole.

We were paired with Lisa Peterson the first two rounds with her dad Eric on the bag. Before she teed off on the first hole, he’d give her a peck on the cheek and a light kick in the butt. They make a cute team.

Hank Haney says remarks about Korean golfers were ‘based on statistics and facts’

Let’s see, A Lee won The Open and a Lee beat another Lee in a playoff at the Symetra event. Hank Haney sees all.

This week, Min is the second alternate in Atlantic City and I’m off to South Bend looking for a bag.

Then there was this:

LPGA pro uses unconventional (and absolutely gross) method to handle her emotions during rounds

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