KPMG–2019 Round 1 and 2

My player is Wendy Doolan.

86-81 didn’t get it done. On to the Symetra event in Cincinnati next week.

Pissed down rain for half the round the first day. Definitely got the wrong end of the flop. It was effing miserable!

That reminded me of the time I caddied at the Patty Berg Classic around 1980. It was held at the Keller Golf Course just north of St Paul. It rained so much, they couldn’t mow one of the par five greens so a special rule was put in place. A maximum of two putts was allowed. If you missed the first, you picked it up and moved on. Smile

The ubiquitous gnats didn’t seem to bother one player/caddie team according to Josh, Annie Park’s looper. They have a portable Thermacell hanging on the bag that purports to repel bugs within a fifteen-foot radius. He swears it worked great in Atlantic City and here as well but it’s only described as a mosquito repellent on their website.

Actually, the combination of rain yesterday and wind today kept the little buggers in check.

Thermacell and Annie Park

Oh, did I mention how great the hospitality area is? Check it out. Great place to watch some golf. Only thing missing is some cold ones.

Hazeltine bar

“We have a pool and a pond. The pond is better for you.” — Ty Webb. I have one just outside my window at the Super 8.

Super 8 pond


Then there was this:

Man arrested in Topeka for human trafficking According to the LPGA Caddie message board, he’s caddied on both the LPGA and

Wie, in tears after 84: ‘Not entirely sure how much more I have left in me’

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