Danielle Downey Classic-Tuesday

July 16, 2019

My Player is Hyemin Kim.

Put the peg in the ground early the last two days and had plenty of time for chipping and putting.

Today was the nine-hole Celebrity Golf Scramble. Decent crowd but I think an unexpected storm may have put the kibosh on the festivities. Don’t know if they finished. I was having my oil changed.

celebrity scramble

B-Funk is looping for Susie Whaley’s daughter, Kelly. They were also in the Celebrity Scramble.

Both courses (last week and this week) were designed by Donald Ross. There is a large statue of “The Donald” behind the ninth green which reminded me of a conversation I had with “Speedway” and “The Nerd” Last week.

Speedway was puzzled by the fact that many players were unfamiliar with Donald Ross which had me opine. “Donald Ross? They don’t even know Diana Ross”.

Then there was this:

Likely buyer of LPGA International courses seeks Tour stop

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