Danielle Downey Classic-Round 1

My player is Hyemin Kim.

Played steady. –1 on the card.

It seems that some players only want a pack-mule and not a caddie. One of my compadres worked twice this year for a certain player on two of the hilliest courses. They finished T5 and T4 making almost $20K. But when he needed a loop for this week, she decided to tote the bag herself. Shameful.

After my win, I have heard from that player only once. She wanted me to find her a looper for Decatur. Sad smile

How about some of those teams at the Dow Great Lakes Invitational? YIKES! A new event prior to a major gets hammered every time. Well, any event does but to do it to a new sponsor? More shame.

I received an email from a reader who bemoans the lack of play from Hanna Green after her win at the KPMG. He wonders if her mentor has advised skipping the little fish in lieu of catching another big one.

We snagged an excellent pairing the first two rounds. Jillian Hollis and Nuria Iturrioz who are number two and six respectively in the race for the card. We managed to edge them both by two shots.

”Upstate Jay” is in the house looping for Alexis Belton.

Food vouchers are provided for the volunteer caddies only but for some of us, it’s just a minor inconvenience. If you know what I mean.

One Response to Danielle Downey Classic-Round 1

  1. Ozzy says:

    G’day Larry, I have to reply to the author of the email about Hannah Green. Do they know that she is Australian who lives in Perth, the farthest part of Australia away from the USA. She came home to celebrate her win with family and friends, and be recognised for her achievement by the Country. Does the author also understand how draining mentally & physically winning a Major is, especially for your first win on tour. Hannah would also be home to recharge for the remainder of the year.

    What the author may not know is that on the same weekend of Hannah’s win, Ash Barty won the French Tennis Open and became #1 and Sally Fitzgibbons won Mexico’s Surfing competition and also became #1 – both Australians. Australia is still celebrating that weekend for women’s sport, and not bad for a country of just over 25 million.

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