CDPHP Open-Round 2

July 28, 2019

My player is Savannah Vilaubi.

Even par for the day puts us down the road.

Savannah was an absolute treat to work for. Has plenty of game and I hope it all falls in place one day. She would be a valuable asset on the LPGA Tour.

Played ball in hand the last two days. The fairways have too many bad spots to be marked ground under. Definitely a factor in the scoring.

Most prayers go unanswered(depending on how you look at it), as did mine yesterday. “Talkin’ John” turned into “Talkin’, Walkin’ John” as he was on Nicole’s bag for the second round. But it wasn’t as bad for us as I thought it would be. I don’t know about Nicole.

On one shuttle ride though, they were together on the back of the cart, he on the left and she on the right. His left arm was holding the armrest and his right was straddled across her chest hold the right armrest. Definitely no need for that. Looked a little fishy to me and I pointed it out to Alvin.

We have a week off so I’m off to parts unknown tomorrow.

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