Guardian Championship Round 1 and 2

September 22, 2019

My player is Hyemin Kim.

Round 1: Missed the putt for seven on the first hole after an unplayable and lost ball. Shot one under the rest of the way.

Round 2: Hit in the gunge on the opening hole. Made a 70 footer for par but that’s all she wrote. That shot out of the gunge put a hurtin’ on her right wrist. Had to WD. Withdrew from next week also.

Back In The Saddle

September 17, 2019

After skipping the last two Symetra events, I’ll be working for Hyemin Kim in Prattville and Longwood. She’ll need to make some cash to make into Daytona though. 2nd Stage is also in the cards.

Played the back nine yesterday afternoon and it was a scorcher. Went up to 99°. I got dizzy and almost went down. An occasional splash of cold water on my head and down my throat set me right. A Yuengling Light afterward was an added bonus.

Played the front early this morning. Done by ten.

A bodacious buffet in the clubhouse has carried over from the LPGA days. Players may bring a guest so I was Hyemin’s plus one.

‘Tis the season for lovebugs. The little bastards clobbered my bumper as I drove up from Florida. Need to get a wash.

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