Numero Uno

My hiatus from blogging has come to an end so, here goes nothin’.

I’m in the desert once more compliments of Volunteer Dave. Of course, I have a few chores to do, mainly tidying the backyard.

First thing was to vacuum the leaves. It was going well until I got zapped a couple times through the power switch. An inspection found the plugs on both ends of the extension cord could be the culprits. A visit to Home Depot for replacements and a little work did the trick.

I tackled the bougainvillea next. Has to be the prettiest weed on the planet and tenacious defender if its territory. The thorns are brutal but I prevailed. Just have to wait for room in the dumpster to finish the job.

I arrived Wednesday and took the next day off to recoup from the drive. But the next morning I was climbing the Araby Trail and followed it with the Garstin Loop on Saturday. Not taking long to get my hiking legs back.

The drive out was one of my easiest. I missed all the rain by taking a more northern route and traveled byways of which I was unfamiliar. Good choice.

Lunched with Mark Scott today at Taqueria San Miguel. Good eats with a good friend. Doesn’t get any better.

Up the Araby, onto the Berns and down the Henderson this morning. Just over six miles. Not bad for my third hike.

I replaced my Hoka sneakers for my hikes. Purchased a pair of New Balance 1350s instead. The more aggressive sole is more suited for the task. The Hoka’s slipped too much. So far I’m very satisfied.

2 Responses to Numero Uno

  1. Mad dog says:

    Great to see you back!

  2. Monty says:

    Thank you so much for getting back to the blog. Looking forward to more adventures.

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