Random Rambling

March 21, 2020

I love to hike for the exercise and tranquility but the other day I found it hard to ditch a chatty foursome who would not shut their collective yaps. Finally had to cut my trek short and turn around.

At the beginning of the Araby Trail, a protruding cholla cactus awaits all who are unaware. It sits on the inside of a hairpin turn and I’ve scratched my arm on it twice. But not anymore.

I took Dave’s snips with me yesterday morning and gave it a little trim. Hope the cacti police don’t read this but it needed to be done.

The LPGA released the latest projected schedule changes. Portland will play one week later as the ANA takes its dates.

Want more proof of the seriousness of our current situation? “The Nerd” paid full price for his favorite Pulbix ice cream. The end is truly near.

The local Ralphs grocery is limiting the number of people that may shop at one time. Looks like a good plan.

I purchased a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread at Aspen Mills Bakery this morning and was thanked profusely for my patronage. Every dollar to the local economy helps.

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