Getting Crowded

I’m glad I got an early start on the Araby yesterday morning. Coming down was reminiscent of the traffic jams on Everest. Well, maybe not that bad. I exaggerate sometimes for effect.

I passed one family and it was obvious they were novices. Dad was in the lead and brought back memories of my first hike with Mark Scott. Looked like he was about to vapor lock.

Two boys followed with Fido in tow and mom brought up the rear with boy number three. He refused to go any farther and was sitting on a rock. His face didn’t exactly paint a picture of enthusiasm.

One portly gent was clad in heavy back sweats (never a good combination) and was just starting when I was almost finished. It wasn’t that warm but he was going to heat up quickly.

The LPGA Clearwater event is still six weeks away but has to be in jeopardy. Florida is bracing for the worst.

Then there was this:

Larry David started a GoFundMe for golf caddies affected by coronavirus

Hopes of playing golf’s US Open at Winged Foot in June are quickly fading

2 Responses to Getting Crowded

  1. Ozzy says:

    Larry, Is there no restriction on number of people in a group or must keep a safe distance during the pandemic?

    Down in Oz, it is now no more than 2 people in a group $1,000 fine each person if mote than 2 or if within 2 arms length of another person, same fine.

    Unless you must go out for essential Shopping, GP/Hospital, Fuel or Travel, you must stay home.

    Repeat offenders $11,000 fine and/or in jail.

  2. lifeontour says:

    No restrictions. I’ve never seen any type of law enforcement, such as a ranger, on the trails.

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