On The Road, Literally

April 30, 2020

Another hike with Mark Scott. This time we walked the asphalt road going to the Aerial Tramway. It’s closed to autos but there is also a paved walkway adjacent to the road. Didn’t go all the way. Only a round trip of five miles this time.

There were many folks doing the same as us. The majority were Latino women packed with extra booty. At least a 10:1 ratio to men. We couldn’t figure that one out.

I arrived in Palm Springs on March 4th and have logged over two hundred miles on the trails. Many more to go, I hope.

The revised LPGA and Symetra schedules are out. Two northern states are hosting LPGA events in October and the weather may be dicey.

I remember back in 1984 (I think) when the West Virginia Classic, held in Wheeling,was rescheduled for an October date. Showing off the area, with all the splendor of its fall foliage, was dashed when a cold front brought miserable conditions. We even had a sleet delay.

Caddies housed in unheated dorms were burning the furniture to keep warm. The cheap pricks wouldn’t pony-up for a half cord of firewood.

That debacle date change killed the tournament.

Trail Busters At It Again

April 25, 2020

Hiked the South Lykken Trail with “The Anchor” yesterday morning. Not too many vistas better than this.

Mark Scott on South Lykken Trail

On our way down, a guy coming up waived us through. Hiking etiquette states that up-hillers have the right of way but as I passed, I could see why he did it.

It was ninety degrees, he was dressed in all black, had no hat or water and his breathing was labored. More proof, you can’t fix stupid. Also, his mask was around his neck all the while he was huffing and puffing. DOH!.

Horses are permitted on some of the trails and as Mark and I descended the Garstin last week, three riders were coming up and their faces were covered with bandanas instead of traditional masks. It looked like they just robbed a stagecoach. Woulda,coulda,shoulda took a picture.

Thursday, “Volunteer Dave” and I assembled a foldable picnic table for his rental unit. What I thought would take half hour took three times that. Next one would be a piece of cake. The beer afterward sure hit the spot.

Larry by Dave's table

I do good work.

Besides the table, I also lubed the garage doors at both of Dave’s places and jimmied the lock of a neighbor’s house to get in. But that’s another story.

How about this gem of a bobblehead I spotted at Dave’s rental unit.

Julie Inkster bobble head 2

I’m A Hiking Fool

April 23, 2020

Eight more hikes since my last post. Three of them with Mark Scott who I’ve nicknamed “The Anchor”. Smile He’s a tad short of wind, so I have to let him catch up, but he’s still able to break it.

On the Berns Trail today, I came across a rattle snake hidden in a bush. Didn’t see it, but didn’t have to. The warning of its distinctive rattle had me almost soil myself.

Going to reach 100° or more the next ten days. That’s about 15° above normal. May have to start hiking when the sun comes up.

My DIY haircut came out pretty good. No more going to the barber for me. One more cut and the clippers have more than paid for themselves.

A Friend Along The Way

April 14, 2020

Hiked the Garstin Trail this morning with my buddy Mark Scott. He’s a bit out of shape, so only a wee walk was in order.

Word is, all the Legend’s events have been canceled. Bummer.

My home county of Hillsboro has instituted a curfew starting yesterday. Apparently, social distancing has not been taken seriously. Also, I hear only a few people are wearing masks. Out here in Palm Springs, almost everyone is masked-up except the street people and the self-important.

This just in. Palm Springs issues face-covering order, plans Tuesday meeting on coronavirus issues

It Is, A Happy Easter

April 12, 2020

The hiking trails are now open with some social distancing restrictions. According to this article, the inadvertent closure was the result of “miscommunication,” by the city staff. Imagine that. Smile

Added another nine miles to my total this morning.  As I was starting, I passed a family of four heading down and it was a sight to see. They were all clad in heavy-duty face masks and bunny ears! Would have made a great family photo.

FYI, “Volunteer Dave” talked to “Country Club Mike” and he is doing well. Mike is living in Virginia now.

There have been couple rattlesnake sightings. Guess it’s getting warm enough for the little buggers to come out.

Now, I’m Pissed!

April 7, 2020

They closed all the hiking trails in the area. Guess I’ll have to improvise.

hiking trails closed 2

Waiting for some supplies to arrive before I tackle the DIY haircut. Watching YouTube on how I should proceed in the meantime.

I have another “self-taught project” in the works. What else do I have to do?

I’ve Joined The Masked Masses

April 4, 2020

Made mine out of a piece of linen and an elastic strap for an MP3 player. May use this on my next passport photo. Next project is a DIY haircut.Smile

me in mask

On one of my hikes, two guys walked by and were discussing politics. “I liked some of Bernie’s ideas until I entered my financials into his tax plan,” said one. That’s when reality sets in.

More hikers, more trash. Found two empty water bottles and a few used tissues. Along with that, some graffiti. People are the worst!


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