I’m A Hiking Fool

Eight more hikes since my last post. Three of them with Mark Scott who I’ve nicknamed “The Anchor”. Smile He’s a tad short of wind, so I have to let him catch up, but he’s still able to break it.

On the Berns Trail today, I came across a rattle snake hidden in a bush. Didn’t see it, but didn’t have to. The warning of its distinctive rattle had me almost soil myself.

Going to reach 100° or more the next ten days. That’s about 15° above normal. May have to start hiking when the sun comes up.

My DIY haircut came out pretty good. No more going to the barber for me. One more cut and the clippers have more than paid for themselves.


3 Responses to I’m A Hiking Fool

  1. Maddogg says:

    What tutorial did you use for self cutting? Thanks for all your great posts. Regards

  2. Ozzy says:

    Larry, good to know your safe from the rattlesnake, and that your hearing is good.

    Not that we don’t believe how good the DIY haircut is, but can we get a picture of the DIY cut, seeing you provided a before picture.

    Say G’dy to Mark & Di from me.

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