On The Road, Literally

Another hike with Mark Scott. This time we walked the asphalt road going to the Aerial Tramway. It’s closed to autos but there is also a paved walkway adjacent to the road. Didn’t go all the way. Only a round trip of five miles this time.

There were many folks doing the same as us. The majority were Latino women packed with extra booty. At least a 10:1 ratio to men. We couldn’t figure that one out.

I arrived in Palm Springs on March 4th and have logged over two hundred miles on the trails. Many more to go, I hope.

The revised LPGA and Symetra schedules are out. Two northern states are hosting LPGA events in October and the weather may be dicey.

I remember back in 1984 (I think) when the West Virginia Classic, held in Wheeling,was rescheduled for an October date. Showing off the area, with all the splendor of its fall foliage, was dashed when a cold front brought miserable conditions. We even had a sleet delay.

Caddies housed in unheated dorms were burning the furniture to keep warm. The cheap pricks wouldn’t pony-up for a half cord of firewood.

That debacle date change killed the tournament.


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