Shaking It Up

I’ve hiked almost 150 miles since the Vegas trip. Usually taking only one day off per week.

I’ve been trying to diversify my hikes (not by color or sex but length and route) to keep things fresh. Today, I went up the North Lykken to the Skyline and continued on.

The Skyline climbs 8,000 feet from the desert to Long Valley, then joins with the main trail to gain another 2,600 feet to the summit. That wasn’t in the cards for me today and I doubt if it ever will be. I only went to the first rescue box (see below) for a total of 7.28 miles round trip.

Going all the way is not for the light hearted. Check out this warning.

Skyline warning

Just in case, emergency water and first aide kit lies waiting. If you need extra water at this point, you should have never started. This was my termination point.

Rescue 1 Skyline Trail

Almost took a header coming down. The edge of my shoe snagged on a rock and I had to jump forward to catch my balance. That could have been really, really ugly.


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