Betty Puskar Classic 2005-Futures Tour-Morgantown WV

My player this week is Anna Rawson

Monday: We played a late nine and the greens were extra slow and spongy. Too much rain has denied access to the mowers. Hot weather along with the extra precipitation has made a few greens lacking anything green. Many bare spots will result in some unusual bounces.

  • Short drive to Morgantown so I stopped at the outlet stores in Fredrick to hunt for some Gortex lined shoes for those dewy mornings and rainy days. No Luck. There was a good selection at The Bass Pro Shop last week but $100+ is a bit much.

  • Found a local coffee house called Joe Mugs and started paying off my debt. We also shared an espresso brownie but I think we got ripped. Couldn’t taste any espresso.

Tuesday: A block of tee times for the Futures started at 1:00 but the earliest we could get was 2:32. We played the other side this time and luckily we did. It took forever to play nine holes. Called it a day and settled up with another coffee. I’m only one down now.

  • A meet the pros party is on tap for this evening at the Touchdown Terrace at the Mountaineer football stadium.

Wednesday: Played in the pro-am (afternoon only) and shot -16. Pretty good considering the terrible shape the greens are in. Never seen so many bouncing putts.

  • Tried to make a pit stop during our round, to let out all the water I was drinking, but was turned away by three of the pro-am contestants smoking a join in the john. Bet they were a blast to play with!
  • I was invited to the pro-am dinner after the round but remembered what happened in Concord. Looked up the rule and no caddies are allowed to attend any pro-am social activities.

Thursday: Played an early nine before the pro-am and called it a day.

  • The greens are getting a bit better but probably will not improve much more.
  • We headed for the local co-op health food store for a few goodies for Anna. The organic triple-berry granola looked good so I got a small bag.  A vegetarian restaurant was adjacent so I paid off my last coffee bet with an organic brew. Anna swears she could tell the difference but to me, it was just a little stronger than I was used to. Don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to find another.
  • Heard there were a bunch of caddies at the pro-am dinner and were mostly the ones working for players with LPGA status.

Friday: Shot 2 under and with a little better short game would have close to the lead. Oddly enough, the leader Molly Fankhauser, is Anna’s traveling buddy and the stay together in private housing.

Saturday: Another two under and moved up the leader board.

  • An interesting oddity left of the 12th and 13th hole is an electrified fence. It is the O. B. boundary and meant to keep the cows of the course. Apparently, it falls short in it’s assigned duty as a herd of cows congregated on the first and seventh greens and did some damage before play began. A new rule enacted to cover their meandering allowed relief from hoof prints but only if your ball came to rest within one. If the bovine indention was just in your putting line, tough luck.
  • Player hospitality this week is provided by The Texas Roadhouse and caddies are welcome. Anna and I consumed our share of barbeque ribs and all the fixins after the round.
  • One thing that’s been buggin me the last four weeks is Anna’s poor chipping technique. Too many missed opportunities on easy up and downs has kept us off the board. I finally had to say something during our post round practice and she was glad I did. Anna was putting too much weight on her front foot resulting in a very pronounced lean and a a bobbing head movement during the shot. She said this happened before but was corrected by her coach. She didn’t realize she had regressed to the ill-fated setup.

Sunday: TRAIN WRECK! Four three putts and a double bogie. That’s all she wrote. Thought this would be a breakthrough day but went South after we birdied the first hole.

  • No player lined up for Portland so I’m staying out here one more week. The goal is to get into the top fifteen so Anna can skip the first stage of Q-School.

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