Caddie Nicknames

Many caddies have nicknames. I didn’t realize how many until I compiled this list. Sometimes you bring your nickname along with you, but mostly you are given one from one of your fellow caddies or a player. It may be descriptive, flattering, or derogatory. A few have more than one. See if you can guess what some of these nicknames represent.

Current LPGA Caddies

B.O.B. Bob Kendall
Bully Emanuel Duarte
Coffee Joe Joe Connolly
Cornbread Mike Bunch
Deep Pockets Dan Wilson
Donna Wanna Donna Early
Einstein Joe Bonica
Goldwing Fred Fred Schuler
Gregor-Gregor Greg Johnston
Hound Dog Gary Lukash
Jaybird Jay Rothenberg
Louie The Lip Lou Paolini
Motion Tom Franks
Motorcycle Jim Jim Gilmore
Portland John John Powell
Country Club Mike Troublefield
Sam Jennifer Hinshaw
Sansei or Ginzue Wayne Uyeda
Skyscraper Jerry Snyder
Stick Puller Rob Caliolo
T-Mack Terry Mcnamara
The Admiral Tom Konapacki
The Brick Jeff Steffler
The Nerd Rick Kropf
Woody Jerry Woodard

Part time or no longer on the LPGA Tour.

Aussie Steve Steven Petrie
Body Art Dave Dave Brooker
Baby Doll John Walker
Bad Luck Chuck Chuck Monestero
Beautiful Bill Bill Buskey
Big Red Mike Hartkop
Birmingham Jimmy Price
Blue Dennis White
Book ’em Danno Dan Cannon
Boston Ralph Ralph Lynch
Boxcar Ron Ron Shueler
Bruce The Star Bruce Lamdin
Bunker Belly Mike ?
Burfeindt Larry Larry Macchia
Captain Davey Kirk
Chucky Love Chuck Burkey
Chocolate Chip Chip Wall
Cigar Dave Dave Altergott
Cloud LPGA official Sue Witters
Cool Caddie Cal Cal Bechtoldt
Cowboy Bob Ming
Coyote Cleartis Wiley
Cuddles Chris Fitzpatrick
Custer Kevin Starr
Dash or Fingers Dan Seleb
Doofus Tom Hanson
Downwind Vic Vic ?
Ernest Wrong Ernest Wright
Electric Ed Ed Biggoss
Fat Baby Bill Boddle
Flipper Clay Trilio
Fooch Mark Fulcher
Forest Gump or Gut-be-gone Bill ?
Graphite Ron Mathews
Green Van Mark Hamilton
Hatchet Chris Alexi
Hawaiian Nick Nick Miller
Herschel Talker Chuck Hersch
Hollywood Tom Starrett
Jabbo ?
Joe Cocker Rick Ried
Junior Tommy Thorpe
Junior Donald Sneeden
Junk Man Bill Jenkins
Limelight or Porno Dave Dave Pacillo
Little Jo Jo Berry
Little Rick Rick Aune
Machine Carl Laib
Mookie Chris Harvey
Moon Unit Sue Groschelle
Mouse Ken ?
Mule Frank Thorpe
Nick at Night or
Nick The Number
Nick Pisani
Opie Andy Dearden
Pat The Cook Pat Williams
Pat The Cop Pat Martin
Perm-a-Grin Dennis College
Pipes Jimmy ?
Quack Ron Quatkemeyer
Quiet Dave Dave Hirashima
Rat Robert Allen
Rollo Ken Struckman
Scammin’ RIchard Richard Wirtham
Scottish Dave Dave ?
Scruffy or Sickness Larry Gallagher
Jack Penefeather
Slick Back Dave Dave Kelly
Slim Willy Reese
Smiley Nathaniel Jenkins
Smooth Tommy Thomas
Sonny Bono Dave Pacquin
Speedway Jerry Aikin
Super Dave Dave Waters
Surfer Jeff Jeff Zywick
Tabby Ron Cullen
Ten Page John Eisenhart
Top Gun Todd Blurch
Tex Greg Gallup
Tree Jeff Cable
Tuck It In Dave Dave Anthony
Twistin’ Bill Bill Williams
Upstate Jay Jay Hamrock
Whole Wheat Terry Engleman
Wild Bill Bill Lenard
Volkswagen Charlie Charlie Johnson

No Longer With Us

Bebe Eddie Wallace
Captain Davey Kirk
Glider Bob Waters
Hollywood Jesse Hall
Johnny White Shoes John Kineke
Little Frank Frank Chilton
Rankin Red
Rick The Cop Rick White
Rickles Rick Keiwa
Rodney Ralph Delvechio
Roscoe Kim Jones
Shadow Jeff Jones
Talkin’ Jim Jim Wilkinson
The Russian Brad Krosnoff
Shitinski Shannon Ferrell
The Preacher Andy Pavich
Uncle Al Al Sugzda
Unknown Comic Jim Wood
Jeremiah Jeremiah O’Malley
Keith Kennedy
Good-Bye to Good Friends


Andy Pavich






Little Frank




Uncle Al






Talkin’ Jim



Jeff Jones (Shadow) 1984 11-28-2010 10-43-26 AM


Johnny White Shoes

White Shoes

Rankin Red

Rankin Red

Rick the Cop

Rick The Cop



Six-Pack Jack - Jack Pennefeather

Jack Penefeather

Keith Kennedy

Keith Kennedy

Unknown Comic

Unknown Comic


24 Responses to Caddie Nicknames

  1. car jacks says:

    I must say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which could be very wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where did you find it?

    • lifeontour says:

      I didn’t create any of them car jacks. They either have them when they come out or earn them.
      The template sems to be no longer available at It’s Contempt by Michael Heilemann.

  2. Mookie says:


    Thanks for the website. I noticed that Shadow had past. Can you give any info about him? He was a good kid.

    Thanks again,


    • lifeontour says:

      Good to hear from you Mookie. I posted a memorial to Shadow under the Additional Pages section. Check out “Shadow” Remembered. Make sure to peruse the comments. Very touching.

    • tom thorpe says:

      mookie hows it going, what u up to? i live in the pensacola area now. hope your doing good. charlie doing well 2 kids 17 15 liqour rep in oregon

      • Chris Harvey (Mookie) says:

        Hey Tom, Happy New Year. Thanks for the update on you and Charlie. It’s going ok for me. I’ve been living for the past few years in South Florida with my wife and daughter (10). My wife informed me Dec 23 we’re (-7 1/2) and counting for the next munchkin. For grins, you can see my daughter on Youtube. Search “tricah” or go to Facebook and search “Trinidad Jun Cadavedo Harvey”. I’ll ask my wife to friend you and you can look at pics and keep in touch. My best to you, Charlie your families and our entire caddy family.

    • John Moody says:

      Chris Harvey (Mookie),
      Not sure if you’d remember me, but we were on tour at the same time back in the ’80s (along with Charlie Thorpe). You gave me my first golf lessons, just wherever we happened to be standing — restaurants, hotel rooms, waiting for players … etc.
      I recall that you had a great photo of you and Seve on a flight to South Africa. Post it if you can.
      Your girl looks like she can play golf. Glad you are well.
      John Moody
      Springfield, IL

      • Chris Harvey says:


        Yep, I remember you. Sometimes mustache, played guitar and complained of sand in your pants after coming back from a late night trip to the beach with a girl friend. I remember…

        I’ve looked for, but can’t find, the pictures of Seve. I still recall being paired with him in South Africa. He was amazing. I remember the 1991 World Cup in Rome, when Seve started hitting drivers on the range, the entire practice area of world class players stopped hitting to watch. He was a complete gentleman to me and that’s what I will always remember.

        Speaking of memories, the article you did on Shadow’s passing was outstanding. Congratulations and thank you.

        Good to hear from you, hope all is well.

        Chris Harvey (Mookie)

  3. Willie says:

    Larry, didn’t see your name on any of the above lists. Did I miss it?

  4. Mookie says:

    Moon Unit = Sue Groschelle

  5. russ hauger says:

    I was moved a great deal,when i heard about Jeff&BOBBY.Larry please keep up the great work.Thanks Ellie for letting me know about this website. your friend russ!!!!

  6. Jerry says:

    Looking for an old lpga caddie named Jesse. He always used to say “It’s a beautyfull thing” Don’t remember his last name. Maybe it was Fulton.

  7. Jason Reott says:

    I used to caddie on the LPGA, I came from Oakmont and Naples National. I was called Pittsburgh Jason, and probably worse. I caddied for Kelli Kuehne, Eva Dahloff, Amy Read, Kate Golden, Mhairi McKay, Jill McGill, Cristie Kerr, Corinne Dibnah, Leslie Spalding and missed some cuts with some others. I was on tour from 1998-2000. Not long, but long enough. Hell, anyone need a caddie? I’m ready for more. I went rafting with Lori West and ended up becoming a raft guide instead.

  8. "NEEKO" says:

    I just read this site to see Shadow and Jerimiah are gone.Can someone fill me in on what happened.I am a former caddied and knew these guys pretty well.Thanks….NEEKO or Nick the number or Nick @ nite

    • lifeontour says:

      NEEKO! Nice hearin’ from you.
      Don’t know the details but I assume one too many Buds did Jeremiah in. Heard that from “Little Rick” a couple years ago. Shad died in a car accident September 4, 2008.
      I have a tribute posted in the Additional Stuff section. Click on Shadow Remembered for the details.
      BTW, don’t you still owe “The Nerd” a few bucks? 🙂 Just kiddin’. Take care.

  9. Chris Harvey (Mookie) says:


    Brad Krosnoff- “The Russian”, who caddied for Val Skinner and others back in the mid 80’s past away back in March 03. You can Google his name for details. I traveled and roomed with Bradley for a time back then. He was a memorable character and a good hearted man. I believe he could be added to your “no longer with us ” category. Thanks

  10. Karin mundinger says:

    I am looking for Patrick Swift. Anyone know where he is or how I can contact him?

  11. Old guy says:

    All I know is he was seen last year at the Dinah looking for a job that week, other than that I cant help, sorry thats all I got.

  12. Rick Ried says:

    You forgot Sports Page Tim Ramstead

  13. Deb Geishart says:

    Hi- I was friends with Terry Engleman (Whole Wheat 😀) and was so shocked to hear of his passing. Can anyone tell me what happened?
    I would greatly appreciate it.
    Debbie Geishart

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