Corning Classic 2006-Corning NY

My player this week is Lori West

Monday: Slim pickins for the guys working the parking lot. Not many players showed today due to the weather, other pro-ams and The Open first stage qualifying.

  • Gala of events; Unfortunately, wind and cold will greet this morning’s pro-am participants but it is truly just the beginning of an all LPGA week in this quaint little berg among the Finger Lakes. Besides having the best spectator course on tour, the list of scheduled events is impressive. Check them out at The Corning Leader. If you ever wish to hit the road for a LPGA tournament, The Corning Classic should be at the top of your list.

  • ‘Talkin’ Jim’ would have been proud; Ken Struckman (AKA Rollo), last year’s winner of The Talkin’ Jim Closest to the Pin Contest, was ineligible to play since taking a ‘real’ job and his slot in the pro-am was filled by Talkin’ Jim’s dad. A fitting tribute.

  • It’s all relative; Joe Bonica (AKA Einstein) has made his second appearance of the year, filling in a gap on The Nationwide Tour, looping for Soo Young Moon. 

Old Joe, new Moon

Tuesday: Struck out. No work to be found as locals seemed to be the choice du jour.

  • And the winner is; Jeremy Young, professional Heather Young’s hubby, nestled his shot 5 and 1/2 inches from the cup (I still hold the record of an inch closer) winning The Talkin’ Jim Closest to the Pin Contest and will be teeing it up in next year’s Dresser Rand Pro-Am. Another pro’s significant other, Randy Wilkins, was runner up with a shot 3 feet 5 and 1/2 inches away. Must pay to have a wife on tour.

  • Where is everyone? Only three of us showed for the scheduled rules meeting this afternoon and none were players.

Wednesday: A last minute acquisition of Lori West saved my week. She just concluded a one day outing in Boston yesterday, when notification arrived that she was in the tournament. A quick diversion from her route to the airport put her on the road to Corning and the caddie network snagged me the bag.

  • Lasers for the lazy; During the rules meeting Robert O. had a question for us caderos. He was wondering if lasers were used during the pro-ams? “Of course” was the response as it is easier than the usual calculation method. The prizes awarded for these events was the reason he asked. It is against the rules to use such a device and the acquisition of merchandise unfairly is of concern. We also pointed out many players will carry an extra stick, for comparison purposes, which is also a violation of the rules. The problem is, what would be the penalty for this misdeed? Sounds like a DQ to me. Did Jill’s looper shoot the yardage last week when all those Lincolns were won? A notice will be posted addressing the issue eventually.

  • Birdie hole; The caddie shack stands next to the 15th tee and a family of tweeters has taken up residence in a hole in the eave. Every time mom heads out to search for food the kids peek out and screech until she returns.

Where’s the beef? Uh, worm.

  • This Bud’s for us; One of the perks of The Corning Classic is the keg of brew way back in the bag room. It’s a welcomed thirst quencher after a hard day on the links. Had one or two when my day was done.

Thursday: A triple on our final hole was the kick in the groin we didn’t need. Shot +6 which left us an up hill climb for tomorrow.

  • It’s about time; For 15 years (14 as caddie master) Bob Gush has given his all at The Corning Classic and has finally been recognized for his altruistic and tireless spirit being voted “Volunteer of the Year”. Kudos to Bob and his staff.

Bravo Bob, bravo.

Friday: A fitting end to a long and fun loving career that started back in 1984. That’s right, not until Westie canned that 20 foot birdie putt, completing her final nine in thirty-three strokes, did I know this would be her last LPGA event. She even kept it from all the other players and her long time friends in Corning. The tears flowed and hugs followed. Cheers Lori, and may your future endeavors bring as many memorable experiences as with your LPGA compadres.

Wild Wild West

  • Dynamic duo; Lisa Kiggens and fiancé Rob D’Amore are pulling double duty this week. Rob, an employee of Coring Inc., is looping for Penny Hammel and Lisa, teaching pro at Corning C. C., for Dina Ammaccapane. Rob also played in the Wednesday Pro-Am with Lisa toting the bag part of the way.

Happy Times

  • Asian snow; I hate to berate a tour professional (yeah, right) but what the heck is going on with Na Ri Kim? She must have had some kind of game to get through Q-School but is firing some whopping big numbers lately.

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