Fields Open Addendum 2006-Ko Olina HI

Saturday: Jeff and Rick invited a few players over to share in the enjoyment of our West Shore accommodations. Kris Tamulis, Brooke Tull, Tina Barrett and Moira Dunn were our guests and of course, we were determined to show them some ‘caddie hospitality’. Since Fred and I were loopin today, a stint at the beach frolicking in the surf was on the agenda. Unfortunately, the ocean wasn’t very kind, rejecting any attempt for a pleasant dip in the Pacific. In fact, it was just plain mean.

Boogie-woogie; Rick took Kris and Brooke to a secluded beach down the road and persuaded them to experience riding the waves on a boogie board but a pounding was more like it. More than once they were thrashed to the bottom, sand (here’s where the’ turf’ comes in) filling every orifice and displacing what room was left tween them and there swim suits. The gritty sediments were promptly deposited on our bathroom floor afterwards. Would have made a nice resting place for one of those turtles.

A kayaking we will go… Undaunted by the ill fated wave running, Rick decided to take a stab at a ‘near death experience’. Having not used the kayaks all week, what better time than launching it into a seething and tumultuous sea! Didn’t take long to be swamped, and with the rocky shore fast approaching, abandonment of his craft was the prudent option. He safely made it to the refuge of our sandy beach but the kayak took a beating on the rocks. There goes my security deposit!

Put the lime in the coconut… But first things first. You need a coconut and yesterdays’ winds provided a bountiful supply dislodging a few from the trees in our backyard. After bouncing around suggestions on how to extract its snowy white bounty, I recalled the Bowie Knife ‘Steffler the Proctor’ was sporting earlier. A quick trip to the armory and the attack began. A montage of consummate coconut consumption follows.

Take that!!


Never a doubt.

Kris, good to the last drop.

‘Motorcycle Fred’ takes a nibble.

Brooke, carving with surgical precision . Better be!

No one touches my coconuts!

Moira, a shocking experience?

A trip to Hawaii without a beautiful sunset? No way.

Tina departed early to catch a flight but after the daylight festivities commenced, a trip to Sun Sushi and L&L Drive-in, depending on one’s taste, satisfied our ravenous appetites. Of course the libation of choice for most players and caddies (beer and plenty of it) has been flowing freely from the get-go.

Sushi, beer and friends. Doesn’t get any better than this.

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