Franklin American Mortgage Championship 2005-Franklin TN

My player this week is Laurie Rinker-Graham

Monday: Just missed my goal of not spending any pesos on food last week. A few of us headed for town for cervazas and dinner before leaving Morelia. Still got by with spending less than $15. 

Went to the main cathedral and it was quite impressive. Unfortunately, the 6 PM Sunday mass was just beginning and we had to cut our visit short. Walked around the square for a while than sat down at The Onix Restaurant for a few cold ones. The menu had an exotic section including such delicacies as kangaroo, crocodile, wild boar, deer and the piece de resistance, scorpions in a cream sauce!  Danielle Ammaccapane couldn’t believe it so Jose our waiter brought out a jar full. Apparently, they’re imported from England and are non-venomous. Slightly crunchy we’re told.

Had dinner next door on the patio of the Best Western and spicy was the most used adjective to describe our entrees. It was fine with me but a little too much for some.

  • Add another casualty to the list. John Schiffer, Giulia Sergas’s cadero, wrenched his back trying to fetch a rake while still carrying the bag. One wrong move and you’re cooked.

  • The transportation to the airport this morning was a classic cluster you know what! They picked our group up last and, of course, there wasn’t enough room for all the luggage. Golf bags, especially packed for travel, take a tremendous amount of room. A luggage only van never showed so the remaining suitcases filled all the empty seats.

  • My last memories of the trip to Morelia will be the screaming tykes seated just behind me on the flight out. A total of four hours in the air and three of them filled with WAAAAH!

  • Dawn Coe-Jones’s looper, Jay, had his cell phoned taken from his luggage at the hotel. Sure, he’ll be coming back!

Dumb question of the day; We were boarding the Untied Express fight from Chicago to Nashville and one of the passengers asked a gentleman, who was part of the fight crew, “You going to Nashville too?” DUH! That same gentleman entered the cockpit passing by a flight attendant. She asked to see his badge and he didn’t respond. Just walked right in. She shrugged her shoulders and let him pass. Don’t you just love the heightened security? I feel safer already. I go through what is one step shy of an anal exam and the person flying the plane gets a free ride

  • First thing on the agenda is getting the laundry done. The smell test seems to failing. I may have some spare clothes hidden away. Have to look.

  • This should be a busy week for me off course. Three guys need computer help. One needs advice on what to buy and the other two on how to set up their newly acquired purchases.

Tuesday: Cool, wet and windy turned our scheduled 9 AM practice round to noon and only 9 holes. Played with a well recovered Bernadette Luce. Fun to work for Rink. We see who will get in the most zingers.

  • This will be the last casualty from last week I’m going to mention. Andy Deardan couldn’t work till Thursday cause of an abscessed tooth. This one has a happy ending though. He was on Carin Koch’s bag and took home the gold.
  • Was talking to Natalie Gulbis last week and she mentioned that The Golf Channel will be following her around in Williamsburg. I suggested arranging a practice round with The Big Break Three winner. Should make interesting viewing if she pulls it off.

Wednesday: A few hours of practice and we were done.

  • The LPGA has a full time weatherman who posts the day’s forecast each day. Today’s was cool and sunny with just a few clouds. When the rain and hail swept in around noon we wondered which city he was in. Why is it that a good forecast can turn bad but not the other way around? 
  • Jennifer Rosales, who withdrew from last week’s event, had to do the same today for the pro-am. Same wrist problem. This was her 2nd pro-am withdrawal and cost her a $500 fine. If she does it again, no can play.
  • Great southern hospitality this week. Food in the caddie area was provided by The Panera Bread Company. Yum!
  • The BJ’s Charity Championship, on The Women’s Senior Tour, will be a team format. Cindy Rarick will be playing with Jan Stephenson under the event’s provision that the combined ages of the team must be at least 97 years. I’m not going any farther with this.
  • The Commissioner hosted his annual caddie party which was catered by Famous Dave’s Barbeque. Ribs, chicken, beer and all the fixin’s abound topped off with some dynamite bread pudding. A few notches had to let out after this feast.
  • A closest to the pin (actually trash barrel) contest was held with the winner taking home a $100 certificate for Dave’s ribs. Johnny Scott, Janice Moody’s looper, took home the bacon, sort of speak. We even had the Commish take a whack and all I can say is “Shank you very much!”
  • Tomorrow’s forecast is for wet and windy conditions. This would be a great time for a reverse outcome. Not bloody likely!

Thursday: Eighteen holes and five plus hours in a cold, ceaseless, tormenting rain brought us to a total of 4 over par. Extremely tough day but Laurie handled it well. You just can’t let the weather get your goat. Just as we arrived on the last green the rain stopped and the skies lightened. We were on the wrong end of the flop today for sure.

  • Considering the conditions today, I fail to understand the way the fourth hole was set up. It’s a 535 yard par five with an option to move the tee up. The green is 54 yards deep with the front and rear higher than the middle. Today the tee was back and the pin was 44 deep! We had to hit three wood for our third shot. Some of the pins were also put in low positions which eventually required the use of a squeegee. 
  • A notice has been posted reminding the players to make sure the traps are raked properly. $100 fine if they’re not. This was the result of the inadequate performance of last week’s local caddies. At first they would rake the divot marks and not the footprints. An emergency meeting the next day had them raking the footprints but not the divot marks. They eventually got it straight and raked everything.
  • Thirty players had to treated this week in the aftermath of last week’s maladies. The doctor suspects a parasite.
  • Remember that total of 31 shots the group of Davies, Johnson and Eathorne had last week.  Laura’s previous high on a hole was 10 and, attempting not to top that score, tried to jamb in the putt but wound up with a three whack for 12. They were making the turn and believe it it not, Chris had honors with a nine!
  • Put in a good night’s work on Shawn’s laptop. AVG Antivirus installed, which is free, and a few other do-dads. Connection was slow so couldn’t complete all that was needed. Tomorrow’s another day.
  • Went hunting for a better digital camera and narrowed it down to two models. Hope to pick it up in time for next week’s caddie par 3 contest.

Friday: The day started with a 90 minute delay due to a thunderstorm threat but the “big one” came through just before noon which compounded the situation. My original DFL time of 2 PM is now 5:15. With all this extra time the following items were accomplished.

  1. Washed my Gortex rain suit and revitalized the water repellency with a product called Nikwax. First time I used it. Usually Revivex is my choice but this is supposed to do the same job for a lot less dineros. 
  2. Hit the camera stores again. It all comes down to feel right now. Be the camera!
  3. Took advantage of the free haircut coupon from SportClips the caddies were given. Once the stylist found out I was with the tournament, I received nothing short of the royal treatment. Haircut, two shampoos with a mentholated concoction (ooh, what a tingle), a hot towel face wrap with massage, blow dry, a bit of hair wax for sheen and topped off with a neck and back rub. What, no manicure?

More delays moved our time to 5:56. Managed to get in 5 holes before play was stopped at seven. We tee it up at 7:30 sharp barring any more nasty weather.

We’re even so far and the lift clean and place rules is in effect although it was news to one of our playing partners, Shani Waugh. She was about to hit her bunker shot on the third hole when she noticed Jean Bartholomew mark her ball on the fringe. She then realized her faux pas and failed to capitalize on her two previous tee balls that found the fairway. Hard to believe she thought we were still playing it down.

  • Had the yardage wrong on the fourth hole yesterday. It was played from the 578 marker not the 535 which makes it even more nonsensical. 

Saturday: An overnight rainfall of .9 inches added to the mushy conditions but left the greens unaffected. They may be one of the best of the year and were slicker than a greased squealer. Kudos to the superintendent and his crew.

Played 2 over for the rest of our second round and made the cut (+ 6) on the number. Unfortunately, got on the bogey train early and it turned out to be an express. Shot a pair of hockey sticks (77) and should be first out in a twosome tomorrow. Bad alignment was the culprit and the cool and breezy weather just added to the misery. 

  • Temps will dip to around 40° tonight so the we just might need a few hand warmers in the morn. Should warm up nicely though as the day progresses.
  • Crowds were sparse today. Only the diehards come out in weather like this.
  • Kudos to the volunteers who stuck it out with us through the rain and cold. Without them events like this could not be held. Shani Waugh noted the bountiful spirit of Americans when it comes to donating time and money to events like this. Endless hours in terrible conditions and have to pay for their uniforms to boot. BRAVO to all!
  • Planning to visit Tennessee? Check out

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