John Q. Hammons Classic 2005-Tulsa OK

My player this week is Lara Tadiotto

Monday: Arrived early to possibly pick up a job for the qualifier but none to be had. The growing number of caddies looking for work in the parking lot, coupled with it being Monday and a player caddie charity golf tournament scheduled for this afternoon, had me snatch the next best thing. Becky Iverson was looking for a ‘day looper’ so I took the job. The odd thing was Boston Ralph, my roommate, was working for Lara in the qualifier and is working for Becky for the tournament and I was taking his place. Lara was the first alternate and by the time we played eight holes she was in, replacing Chris Johnson. Since Lara needed a cadero and Ralph was my roomy,  he recommended me for the job. No parking lot duty this week.

  • Them bones, them bones, them broken bones; Rules official Robert O. Smith had a run-in with an edge of a table and broke his toe. Still able to work but has a Chester-like limp (Gun Smoke).

Chris Johnson, who I mentioned earlier, withdrew with a broken arm. No details as of yet.

  • Heard John Q. has sold all his hotels and the sponsorship will cease after next year.

  • Also heard that the new event in Hawaii is a replacement for Las Vegas which is off the schedule next year and efforts to get Tucson back are on hold for at least another season.

Tuesday: This is one tough golf course and the length of the practice rounds testify to that fact. Four hours and fifty minutes! Even the 90 degree heat did not deter the extra chipping and putting most players need to feel comfortable on this track. The Bermuda rough is especially difficult. 

  • I heard from another source that Vegas is still on and the second event in Hawaii is new. Really won’t know till the schedule is release but spreading a few rumors is part of the fun.
  • Lara seems to to understand my sarcastic sense of humor better than most. We had a few good laughs during the round.

Wednesday: Sorry for the update delay but the phone lines went down at the hotel and this archaic laptop is without high speed capability. An evening t-storm may have done it in.

We were an alternate for the afternoon shotgun pro-am but never sniffed getting in. Being a rookie on tour and a conditional player to boot, Lara was unfamiliar with the penalty if they need you to go in and you’re not on site. DQ and I don’t mean vanilla soft-serve.

Put in a couple hours range practice, munched on a well-appointed buffet in player hospitality (caddies are welcome this week) and finished the day with some putting. We be done.

  • Taylor Made put together a slew of five new metal woods for Lara to try, adorned with her custom ordered grips. They’re from C-Thru Grips with allow you to put any picture under the mostly clear exterior. She chose a composite of her bastard dog Tuva (her words not mine) with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background.


Tuva and the Tower

  • What no tip? Aboard the bus on the way to the player/caddie tournament on Monday, one of the caderos was surprised and delighted by an impromptu pseudo lap-dance performed in his honor by his player. She was attempting to change her seat and found herself in a straddling position over him. Since she was there, well you get the picture. It was all in fun though as his wife was close by.

  • Gone fishing; Maggie Will’s looper, Steve Kulchar, loves the great outdoors and fishing is one of his passions. Taking advantage of the off week, he spent his time in the Branson MO area, near Table Rock, angling for trout. Maybe angling isn’t the correct adjective. It was more like wading though as he stirred up what ever the fish were feeding on from beneath the rocks. They were following him like a pack of hyenas after a T-Bone. He found himself surrounded by a passel of 15 inch Rainbows but getting them on the end of his line was another story. The best he could do was one, even with a few tips from the locals.

  • Word has it the LPGA will start drug testing next season. Wonder who will be first?

  • Remember Muffin Spencer-Devlin? She will be making an apperance for the Monday qualifier in L. A.

  • Lisa Kiggens is back looping for A. J. Eathorne this week. After being away for a few weeks, she had a nasty surprise awhile back after returning to her home in Phoenix. The water line to the refrigerator burst and caused quite a bit of damage. Never thought of that possibility did ya?

  • If you haven’t heard by now, Julie Inkster and Greg, her caddie of eleven years, have parted company. He will be working for Michelle Wie starting at the Samsung and continuing into next year.

  • Two holes-in-one were recorded in today’s pro-am. Tina Fischer on 13 and Maggie Will on 15. Maggie’s won everyone in the group, her included, a $25,000 credit on a purchase of a new car. Last year, Ashley Bunch was the lucky recipient for the same deed.

Thursday: Another thunderstorm rolled though last night and and the precipitation lingered well into the morning. The double shotgun pro-am was shortened to nine holes starting at 11AM and 2PM. I had the day off so there was no need to go to the course.

  • Hope it’s not just a rumor; My Cincinnati insider, Juan Valdez, has a new LPGA event about to be finalized for the Queen City.

  • Trump National update; The driving range sits about 150 yards from the club house and the are being sodded and walkways constructed. Two levels of hitting area (only one at a time) are grown in already, and have enough room for as many players as needed. No fences are needed (and not permitted) as you hit into a
    bowl. The only practice chipping area is by the 11th fairway, as the putting green by the clubhouse has no fringe. LPGA trailers are in place next to the clubhouse and one common parking lot will be for caddies, media, and volunteers, with no separation.

  • Birdie Kim finally forked over the the cash. Happened back in Columbus.

Friday: Can’t remember seeing so many one-putts from one of my loops. Could of been an 80 but wound up only one over. Dodged a bullet today.

  • We played ‘ball in hand’ and the tees were set way up. Still, the cut will be one of the highest all year. Anyone of these holes may jump up and grab ya by the short-hairs.

  • I’m always amazed how the announcers butcher some of the player’s names. If they’re not sure why not ask? Lara’s was hacked to pieces today. Had her laughing while stepping up to her tee shot.

  • The three-day tournament policy has been to give players an opposite tee time but repair by score. Not this week though. Why can’t we have some consistency?

  • Watch your step, cut that is; As I mentioned, we played ‘ball in hand’ but the step-cut (first cut of rough) was not included only the closely mowed area and the collar of the green. Our last regular event in Springfield had us playing it up in the fairway and step-cut and I knew this this would snag someone with a two shot penalty this week. It sure did and heather Daley-Donofrio was twice bit. Twice she picked it up in the step-cut before it was brought to her attention. Add two shots for each infraction. Hillary Lunke got whacked with the other part of the rule that states ‘once the ball is replaced it is “in play” and cannot be replaced a second time’. She was on the collar of the green and correctly marked her ball but, realizing it was not her play, put it back down. When it was her turn, she moved the ball to a better lie. One shot for picking it up a second time and one more for good measure for not replacing in the the same place. Gots to know them rules ladies.

  • One of my ex-bosses was dealt a full house on her second nine. Fours over eights! That wins you a trip down the road.

  • Found out my player speaks five languages one of which is Flemish. I always thought that was a malady suffered while nursing a cold! AAACH THEW!

Saturday: We started out as if ordering from Wendy’s. “Can I have a single and two doubles. Oh by the way, add another single please”. Trouble was, they were bogies not of burgers! Three-putts replaced one-putts and a horrific first nine was the result. Making the turn was like flipping the “good golf” switch and shot it one under. Needed one or two more though to play tomorrow.

  • Have to give Lara credit. Finally, a player that realizes that golf is a game to be played and not lived by. No lame excuses or lunatic rants. Just do your best and if it’s not good enough, so be it. Never a negative utterance did I hear all week. Bravo Lara, bravo! Would work for her again anytime.

  • Yesterday, Wendy Doolan cracked the head on her driver after three holes. They just don’t make them like they used to.

  • My Asian connection, The Manchurian Candidate, guarantees there will be an event in Bangkok Thailand next season. Quick, let me clear my calendar!

  • This time of year daylight becomes treasured commodity. Artificial lighting illuminates the practice area as seen below.


That’s the sunrise in the background.

  • Called home and my replacement laptop has arrived. Can’t wait.

Sunday: Caddie Sam Hinshaw is on a roll. After having a great run with Morgan Pressel she is toting this week for Michelle Ellis. They’re one shot off the lead and playing with Annika. Also, Joe Bonica (AKA Einstein) is looping for Jason Caron on The Nationwide Tour and is tied for the lead. Good luck to both caderos.

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    This is Canadian Tour Player Danny Seifried. I am looking for Steve Kulchar. Please have Steve email me at

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