M and T Bank Classic 2005-Futures Tour-Syracuse NY

Monday: I was on the road by 5:15 and took the scenic route through Vermont. The final segment of the trip found me on the NY Throughway and, as I approached the toll booth, a $50 bill was all that was available. They must get a few phony fifties cause the attendant donned her reflective vest and came out to copy my license plate number.

Settled in at the Motel 6 and went to the course around four. The yardage books were just completed and I managed to walk seven holes before the afternoon leagues arrived.

Tuesday: Walked the remaining holes and returned at one to play nine holes. Anna stopped in the restaurant at the course for lunch but the service was moving at a snail’s pace and we didn’t put a peg in the ground till around three. Played the front and the course was playing hard and fast. There are plenty of lay-ups off the tee using either a three or seven metal.

Wednesday: We teed off by 8:30 and lucky we did. Beat the afternoon rain. The back side has much more character and placement of the tee ball is key. Plenty of trouble around the edges of the fairways.

  • This must have been media day for Anna. A film crew of one, took some footage to accompany her scheduled afternoon interview for channel nine and a still photographer caught up with us for the last few holes. Anna also had a radio interview on tap after the TV spot. Gee, I’m working for a flippin celebrity!
  • I don’t use Priceline.com very much but took a chance on next week’s abode on a tip from Chip Wall, another LPGA caddie that will make an apperance. He booked a Ramada in Laurel MD for 40 bucks which is just about half price. When I gave it a go they wouldn’t accept forty but did for forty-three. In the Washington DC area that’s a steal.
  • We were in the morning pro-am tomorrow but Anna wanted to switch to the afternoon, but she was requested by her group and a switch was impossible.
  • The saga of my broken laptop continues. It’s apparently fixed but guess where they sent it? To the friggin Ramada Inn in Denver! The Circuit City in Toledo swears they changed the return address but you know how that goes. The policy was to return it to the last address that I sent it in from. I’ve had enough! Never again will Circuit City receive a penny of my business.

Thursday: Played with a group from Clear Channel radio, finishing -10, which included on-air personality Jim Reith. He hosts a drive-time show from 4-7 and gave me a mention on today’s show.

  • The heat wave was broken with the cold front that moved through last night. It was a cool 55° this morning.
  • Anna was the focus of an article in The Post-Standard this morning entitled From Runway to Fairway.
  • Upstate Jay has made an apperance and picked up Clarissa Childs. He was planning to hit the Nationwide event in Toronto last week but got sidetracked in Montreal.
  • Computer update. Should be on it’s way to next week’s motel. I just wonder if it’s fixed.

Friday: Even-Steven. Shot par but should have been better. One bad swing cost us a double. The course played super short as the fairways dried out and the wind picked up. 

  • Not a bad crowd for a Friday on the Futures. Perfect weather brought out more spectators than expected and, since there are no gallery ropes, they have a tendency to follow right down the fairway to the green. Add in a few beers and we had three guys following us  that were getting quite boisterous.
  • Anna is very conscience of the type of food she consumes and goes the organic route whenever possible. She also supplements with products from Living Fuel. She swears by Super Greens, which she sips constantly during play, and the CocoChia bars.
  • The Future’s Tour Chat section of this week’s press release reported that Kelly Cap underwent an emergency appendectomy last Saturday. It also included a little insight on Clarissa Childs’ “Noah’s Ark”. 

Saturday: Same as yesterday, even par. A bit of a roller coaster ride at the beginning as the sixth hole was our first par. Bogied the last which never sits well. Need to bring it tomorrow to finish in the top ten.

  • LPGA official Robert O. always believed that caddies contribute to slow play and after being out here for two weeks I must concur. There is very little delay in picking clubs and play moves smoothly until someone has a train wreck. A prime example was, Krista Bartlett, one of our playing partners. With three holes remaining we stepped onto the tee of the par five seventh. She proceeded to hit her first tee ball O. B. and rinsed the second and third. Her fourth found the fairway but she now lies seven. She did one putt for ten though.

Sunday: Made the turn +1 but caught fire on the back carding 5 birds. Finished four under for the event and in eleventh place.

  • The seventh hole is tough enough with the O. B. left and water right, but today a huge nest of ground wasps were entrenched in a mound bordering the left side. We found their abode after rinsing our first tee ball. One putted for to save a bogie.
  • The first two rounds had us teeing off on the back side but today everyone was off the first tee as usual. But Anna was so conditioned to head for number one after walking off the ninth that she was almost halfway there before realizing no one was behind her.
  • Virada Nirapathpongporn’s name is so long it’s abbreviated on the leader board as NP3.
  • Upstate Jay’s home is only an hour away and visits here frequently. Any night may find him accompanying the girls during the “shoe show” (nude dancing) at Fantasy Nights on North Salina Street.. He plays the guitar as they strut their stuff on stage. The girl, the pole and Upstate Jay. What a combo!

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