Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Tuesday

September 12, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

The plan was to play nine in the afternoon but remnants of Irma put the kibosh on that,

Drove to Oklahoma City Sunday then on to El Dorado yesterday. Walked the course in the afternoon but not before I lunched at the local Wendy’s. Ordered a large chili and a cup of water and was charged for the water by a trainee. Resolved that problem but the chili was worth the effort. So thick I could have eaten it with a fork.

Bad news for the LPGA China event that was scheduled for the first week of October and moved from Beijing to Shanghai. It has been canceled due to permit problems.  No one will lose any cash over reservations. That will be covered.

Nice divot pattern from last week.

golf divots

Also from last week. Unfortunately (or not), you have to travel to Colorado to buy it.

hemp ice cream

Then there was this:

Dudes play golf while girl face plants during live report


Garden City Classic 2017 – Rounds 2 and 3

September 10, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

The wind got the best of us both days. 79-82

The Monday qualifier in the Bahamas was the toughest wind I ever caddied in. Today’s may rank in the top five.

Then there was this:

Donna Andrews to play in D-Day Memorial Golf Classic in Hot Springs

Ko admits form slide tough to take

Garden City Classic 2017 – Round 1

September 8, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

Posted –4. Good start.

Had the Mayor of Garden City scoring for us today. The honorable Melvin Dale.

Most holes facing south have a line on a forward tee. Used a few today. Good thing. Wind was howling and will continue the rest of the week.

Played the back nine yesterday. On the final hole, I shot the reflector at the front of the green with my Bushnell and it corresponded to what Kendall walked off. Only one problem. When we arrived at the green the reflector was resting against a fence post but I swear I saw it in the viewfinder by the green. You may hum the theme from The Twilight Zone now. 🙂

Drove to the Clutter house featured in the book “In Cold Blood” yesterday. It ends at a private drive with a no trespassing sign. I couldn’t see it. Too much corn.

Then there was this:

What’s gone wrong with Ko this season?

What are your golf superstitions? Mine was that while my player was putting, I didn’t want anyone standing between her and the hole in my line of vision. Broke that long ago.

Garden City Classic 2017 – Pro-Am

September 6, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

We were in the morning wave. Three amateurs and only took four hours. Sweet! Even earned some tippage.

It was one of the calmest days I’ve experienced here in the past three years. That will end when the tournament begins. 😦

Ever here of Holcomb Kansas? It’s eight miles west of here and back in 1959, was in the national spotlight. A family of four were brutally murdered and the crime boosted Truman Capote to national prominence. His book, “In Cold Blood”, first published in 1966, details the 1959 murders of the Herbert Clutter family in the small farming community of Holcomb.

One LPGA player didn’t realize there was more than one Portland in the US. Booked her flight from Portland Maine to Indy. Oops!

There was a shit storm of comments on the LPGA caddie message board concerning what the standard salary on tour should be. Some players (who don’t have a regular looper) are only offering $800 but some caddies think it should be in the $1300-$1500 range. Very interesting banter to say the least.

The China event, originally scheduled to be played in Beijing the first week of October, has been moved to Shanghai.

Garden City Classic 2017 – Tuesday

September 5, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

Walked the course early and played nine in the afternoon. Buffalo Dunes is in fantastic condition.

A cold front moved through last night. Highs in the mid nineties dropped to seventy-five.

Sioux Falls Challenge 2017 – Round 2

September 1, 2017

My player is Wanasa Zhou.

The par fives killed us. Shot 8 over.

Sioux Falls Challenge 2017 – Round 1

August 31, 2017

My player is Wanassa Zhou.

Decent start. -1

At one time there were 58 alternates for this week and now there are none. A weak field in Portland, an important Chinese tournament and out of the way travel has taken its toll.

I was hanging around the check-in table during yesterday’s pro-am when a conversation between a contestant and the registrar led to an unusual subject. Both had heart surgery and were comparing procedures. Reminded me of the scene in Jaws where Quint and Matt Hooper were trying to outdo each other with tales of physical maladies due to their life experiences.

Then there was this:

In Harvey’s wake, Houston golf community confronts devastation, maintains perspective

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