Valley Forge Invitational 2019–Round 3

June 3, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Winner, winner, I be eatin’ chicken for dinner!

In the playoff, the other Lee put her approach in the left greenside bunker with an impossible shot to get it close. Barely kept it on the green but almost holed the putt. Min snuggled up he ten-footer for a two-putt par and that’s all she wrote.

My plan was to get one more W and retire. Then again, I may keep going and do this just for the big money. Smile

The win was a sweet birthday present for Min. She turned twenty-four while playing the tenth hole.

We were paired with Lisa Peterson the first two rounds with her dad Eric on the bag. Before she teed off on the first hole, he’d give her a peck on the cheek and a light kick in the butt. They make a cute team.

Hank Haney says remarks about Korean golfers were ‘based on statistics and facts’

Let’s see, A Lee won The Open and a Lee beat another Lee in a playoff at the Symetra event. Hank Haney sees all.

This week, Min is the second alternate in Atlantic City and I’m off to South Bend looking for a bag.

Then there was this:

LPGA pro uses unconventional (and absolutely gross) method to handle her emotions during rounds

A decade since its rebirth, ShopRite LPGA Classic continues to thrive


Valley Forge Invitational 2019–Round 2

June 1, 2019

My player in Min Lee.

Birdied seventeen to put us on top of the leaderboard going into tomorrow.

Yesterday, I lost the putter cover on the eighth fairway and the cart driver retrieved it. Today, coming off the fourteenth green, I lost the effing putter! I missed the pocket and didn’t notice. One of our playing partners gave it to me on the next tee. DOH!

I stopped at Boston Market for a meatloaf dinner after yesterday’s round and was very disappointed. They must have changed the recipe cause it sucked! The mystery meat was very dense. Kind a mix between rubber and

Played with Elizabeth Shultz the last two days. It’s her first Symetra event and she was really enjoying herself. On the first tee of round one, we tried to convince her that lasers were OK to use but it was all in fun.Winking smileWinking smile

Valley Forge Invitational 2019 – Round 1

May 31, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Seven under ties us for the lead. Took only twenty-two putts. More birdies than I’ve seen in quite a long while. When we finished, the final group was just on number one. That will be us tomorrow.

I must admit, Min Lee has the best demeanor of any player I’ve looped for over all these years. She’s extremely confident and emotional highs and lows are not in her repertoire. I told her this on the fifteenth in the midst of her birdie run of five in a row.

After Min sunk a twelve-footer for par on the last hole to save a stellar round, I gave her my best compliment ever. “I’m taking down my picture of Jesus and putting yours up,” I said. That got a smile.

I have concluded that my next smartphone purchase will be the Google Pixel 3a XL. Checked it out at Best Buy the other day. It’s $475 but I’ll probably wait until Black Friday. I figure it will be at least $100 less.

Then there was this:

LPGA pro hopes eating Subway every day at this week’s US Women’s Open will be her lucky …

Hank Haney Suspended Following Offensive LPGA Comments on SiriusXM Radio Show What a crock!

Catriona Matthew cutting back but still gearing up for Solheim Cup

Valley Forge Invitational 2019 – Thursday

May 30, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Light practice session and we be done.

Wicked weather rolled through yesterday afternoon. Sever t-storms with tornado watches and warnings.

During Wednesday’s practice round, I remarked to Min on the amazing speed a laser returns the yardage number so I posed the following question.

“What’s the speed of light?”

After a slight pause, she replied, “Fast.”

“Good answer,” I added.

Valley Forge Invitational 2019

May 29, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Touched them all yesterday. Didn’t think we would but the predicted weather never happened. Imagine that.

Experienced small-town America on Monday watching the Pottstown Memorial Day parade. Had to be 30-40 fire engines from all over the area.

Memorial Day parade Pottstown 2019

Basically, the course has not changed except they built a pedestrian bridge on the par three 14th eliminating a shuttle ride and the back tee on the par three 17th will not be used. Also, the greens are very slow compared to last year. We’ll see if that changes. If not, they might use some pin positions ignored last year.

When we were on the seventeenth tee yesterday, Min got to see how dowsing rods are used to find water pipes. The guy erecting the hole sign showed her how. Min walked towards a sprinkler head and they moved together.

Min Lee with devining rods

One used to be able to differentiate the Coleman twins by their footwear. One Nike, one FootJoy but not anymore. Both are sporting FootJoys. DOH!

Maybe doing something very unusual this week. The eighth green is fairly close to the clubhouse but not the ninth. So, I could see them splitting tees on one and nine instead of ten. On second thought, I just looked at the starting times. We’re all going off number one.

Pure Silk Championship –Tuesday

May 22, 2019

As of last Sunday morning, I was unsure of the direction to which I was heading. Do I go to the new Symetra event in Opelika AL or opt for the LPGA in Williamsburg? I didn’t have a bag for either but then I got an offer. Rick said he was staying with Jeff Steffler in a condo at Williamsburg and the couch was open. It took a second to decide. Williamsburg was it.

No luck so far finding a loop but I’m not trying that hard. Instead, I’m hanging in the caddie area, around the putting green and jawing with “professional volunteer” Rob Sanders. Rob has volunteered in over fifty LPGA events and since he lives in the area, the Pure Silk Championship was a natural choice.

Rob has worked this one many times and this year he’s in charge of carts and caddies but he’s also on a mission. He volunteered at the last Solheim Cup and is determined to get the team signatures on his Solheim flag. His progress so far is pretty good but one signature may elude him. Florentyna Parker only plays LET events so that may be a tough one. But all is not lost. Rob will be making the trip to Scotland to volunteer in this year’s Solheim Cup and he may get lucky.

Rob Sanders with Solheim flag 2019

The magical skills of professional calligrapher Paul Pope will be on display at the main scoreboard this year. Paul was a staple on the LPGA at one time but this is the only remaining tournament taking advantage of his extraordinary skill set. Here’s a video from 2014 demonstrating his work.

Lisa’s T9 finish last week earned her $24,789. That surpasses her total LPGA career earnings of $18,895.

Here’s a question for you. What player would be considered the “Crash Davis” of the LPGA? If I have to explain, don’t even try.

During last week’s event, Lisa recalled the time she caddied for PGA professional Rocky Thompson. Apparently, Rocky was quite a character with a bagful of superstitions next to none.

One time on the range, she was tossing him balls for the driver but he would shun them for one on the ground. After a few rejections, she asked what was the matter. “I don’t hit threes.” was his answer.

Seven was also a bad number for Rocky. If he gave you a handful of balls to hold, the cumulative numbers on the balls should not be divisible by seven. Also, if they were on a golf cart, it’s number should not be divisible by seven either and don’t you ever stop the cart on a crack in the cart path.

The topper was that Lisa had to line him up on putts. Doesn’t seem so bad except that Rocky squatted down to putt! After a few misreads, that ritual was no longer necessary which comes to the meat of this tale.

Whenever Lisa got a little out of control – in the heat of competition – and started to lose it (in my estimation of course), I would say, “Settle down Rocky!”. After a few admonitions, Lisa acknowledged, “I should have never told you that story.”  Smile

Walking down the 18th hole on Saturday, I struck up a conversation with Ralph, Julie Inkster’s looper and it definitely reflected our age. Instead of banal chitchat, the focus was on what body parts we had operated on during the past year. Smile

I have a loop for the Symetra event next week and the KPMG. Atlantic City would make it a trifecta.

The annual Cornhole Tournament was held yesterday at the Sportsman Grille. I’m sure it was well attended but not by me. Too many brewskies last week have me drying out for a while.


Happy birthday to my buddy Mark Scott. Missed celebrating together by just a few days.

US Senior Women’s Open – Round 4

May 20, 2019

My player is Lisa DePaulo.

A very good week indeed. Shot +1 and finished T9. Lisa struck it great. A little better putting and the trophy would have been ours. Ifs and buts …

The shot of the day was on our final hole. 136 front, 161 pin. Down 5 yards but into the wind. Lisa’s seven iron goes 135 but death waits all who go over the green. But she knew exactly what was needed. No way was it a six.“It’s a Texas beater seven iron.” she said and it was perfect. Landed six on and rolled to pin high. Two putts and we were done.

One player, who had a local looper, had to wonder about his apparel choices. Her first two rounds were late/early and when he arrived for the second day, he was donning the same black outfit from the day before. Sweat stains included. Yuk! Unfortunately, weekend play was not in the cards so his remaining attire remains a mystery.

I’m glad I was able to caddie in the 2nd US Senior Women’s Open. It was great seeing all the familiar faces. Brought back many memories. Good and bad. Smile

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