Four Winds Invitational 2017 – Round 2

June 11, 2017

My player is Alex Milan.

Not a good day. Off to Decatur this morning.

For the second day in a row, one of the caddies in our group lost her player’s sand wedge. It was easily found the first time but took a few holes yesterday. DOH!

All I kept losing the head covers on the hybrids.

Nanna Madsen, the medalist in the US Open Sectional Qualifier was DQ’d after the first round. Don’t know why.

This was Robby’s first week on tour and maybe his last. After caddying at Old Memorial for a few years and being released from a Class A baseball ballclub, he decided to see what pro golf was about. But as luck would have it (good, not bad), after his first event he was recalled by his former team.

Along with the Gideon Bible and local telephone book in my table drawer, is a pristine copy of this best seller.

motel book

Then there was this:

Anonymous PGA golfer says there is one player on Tour who ‘everyone knows’ is ‘a cheater’ – They’re lucky they have only one. 🙂

Olympic golf will return in 2024, IOC announces

Hazeltine National Golf Club Named Site of the 2019 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

Sharp tied for LPGA lead, despite calling penalty on herself – That’s refreshing.

Yada makes first LPGA cut – With Bully on the bag.

Cindy Miller’s “Own Your Game”: Dare yourself to improve

Four Winds Invitational 2017 – Round 1

June 9, 2017

My player is Alex Milan.

Was hoping I would get an under par round birthday present but it was not to be. Shot +4.

The 15% chance of rain turned into a downpour accompanied by thunder just before we teed off. Wasn’t much of a delay and we played our round without another drop.

I’m driving back from the course and hit some real nasty bumps which activated my “check engine” light. So I opened my Torque Lite app which connects to an OBD II scanner I have installed. It showed a small emissions leak. Got back to the motel, opened the hood and found one of the hoses was disconnected. Plugged it in and cleared the codes. All is well once more.

Went deep at the New Balance store for my present then got a legitimate call from the IRS saying I owe them money. I filed an amended return and asked them to call since I’m on the road. Can’t believe they did.

Then there was this:

Class A LPGA Teaching Pro Now Pursuing LPGA as a Player

Four Winds Invitational 2017 – Thursday

June 8, 2017

My player is Alex Milan.

Played an E-9 this morning and my day was done. Alex is very low maintenance by her own admission.

Heard some players discussing the high hotel rates in French Lick. Host family housing is being discouraged in order to boost the local economy. Yeah, they’re all one-percenters out here. 🙂

Here are the scores from the Sectional Qualifier in Massachusetts. After the one day delay, a few players chose to WD and make other commitments.

Then there was this.

R&A set to implement Ready Golf in 2017 amateur events

Rookie Britney Yada Stops for Rest in Bass River Township

Four Winds Invitational 2017 – Wednesday

June 7, 2017

Picked up Alex Milan for the event.

Checking rooms for the Symetra event in French Lick. Yikes! Way too pricey. Probably won’t go. There was an option twenty minutes away though but all the reviews cited a roach infestation. Will have to think about it. 🙂

Tuesday’s sectional was rained out in Massachusetts and is being played today.

Then there was this:

Rain falls and tear falls as college student qualifies at Hidden Creek for U.S. Women’s Open – All scores here.

Argentine golf great De Vicenzo dies at 94

ShopRite Classic 2017 – Round 1

June 2, 2017

I have an unfortunate habit of losing focus during a conversation and it happened again this week. Brianna only needed a looper for one day and may maybe as she alternated if her friend didn’t drive up. He did. Still was worth it. It was a very enjoyable day and managed to get breakfast and lunch in player dining.

She got in for Lizette Salas and took advantage. Shot –1.

So I was leaving the course yesterday and my car wouldn’t start. Son of a bitch! Looked under the car and found a pool of gasoline. I laid down on the ground and found a disconnected fuel line where it met the filter. Looked like a retaining clip was missing. I pushed the hose back on and got a dose of petrol all over my arm for the effort.

Took it back to Pep Boys and the tech who worked on it asked me to show where the leak was. After pointing to the area, he admitted that he couldn’t find the clip so he pushed the hose back on and left it as is. Are you serious? Never even received an apology.

Heard the “Donut” is threatening to sue anyone who tries to prevent him from getting a bag by telling the truth. 🙂

ShopRite brought in caddies from different clubs for the two day pro-am as everyone walked. They carried doubles and I heard were housed in one of the local motels. Pretty classy.

Looks like Alejandra Llaneza’s roll has come to an end. Shot +7 today.

ShopRite Classic 2017 – Wednesday

May 31, 2017

Heard an awful racket outside my motel door this morning so I investigate. Found it was a seagull getting some tail and the male was the noisemaker. More flying rats in the oven soon. 🙂

gulls have sex

When it rains… Two weeks ago it was my car’s AC unit but occasionally also had trouble starting. It would crank fine but not turn over. After multiple tries, it eventually did. Seemed like a fuel problem to me but would be difficult to diagnose unless it was constant so I let it go.

Well yesterday morning it crapped the bed so I called for a tow. I asked Bully for a ride to the course and he agreed. As they were loading my car onto the truck, Bully decided to fire his up. NOT! His battery was kaput. Mine is in the shop with a possible dead fuel pump and Bully called AAA and had a battery installed.

Wasn’t supposed to be done until tomorrow but after walking the three miles back from the course (had a ride but opted for the exercise) I stopped in to get something from my car and saw it on the lift. An hour later it was done. Which was nice.

About ten minutes into my walk back, I got a call from Brianna Do. She’s first alternate and needed a standby looper for the event and an E-9 tomorrow morning. Took the job.

Right down the street form the Seaview course sits Motel Tenacres. I remember the first time we came here the Petersons stayed there and it was a disgusting dump. Went out and bought cleaning supplies and gave it a good scrubbing. Looks like it’s come a long way from back then. Plenty of cars in the lot over the weekend.

Tenacres Motel

Plenty of US Open qualifiers this time of year and one looper will be doing two next week. The first in Massachusetts on Tuesday and the second in Florida on Friday. Pains me to even think about doing just one given it’s 36 holes.

Then there was this:

ShopRite extends LPGA Atlantic City event through 2023

Historic first for India as Aditi, Sharmila tee up at LPGA

Hope Solo is dabbling in golf, and the LPGA is here to help

ShopRite Classic 2017 – Monday Qualifier

May 30, 2017

I picked up Kate Scarpetta at the last moment. Her caddie got the word that his regular player might wish to practice that afternoon so he couldn’t do it. Worked out perfectly.

It wasn’t a good day. Visited the two foot long fescue way too many times. 🙂

I think Kate was still riding high after how well the PA Women’s Open went. She did a great job considering the time limitations. Already working on next year’s event.

Scores here.

Alejandra Llaneza is on a roll. She won the PA Women’s Open last week and qualified yesterday.

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