Q-School 1st Stage 2005-PGA Tour-Lakeland FL

My player this week is John Cunningham.

Sunday: Walked the course with anticipation of finding a job. Wilma is coming through tomorrow so the practice round will be a wash.

Monday: Plenty of rain and wind so it was a perfect time to remedy that screeching noise coming from my front brakes. A $40 off coupon for Tires Plus, found online, eased the pain a bit but this car is starting to nickel and dime me to death. Actually, I wish it was only small change instead of big bucks but a new auto is out of reach right now.

After Wilma moved through I headed to the course and ran into Gary ‘Hound Dog’ Lukash who’s looping this week for Mayson Petty. Told him I was looking for work and he found another caddie who new of a player that needed one. A quick call and I had a job.

Tuesday: Cool and windy. What a change from your typical Florida mugginess. Shot +2 after hitting only one green on the back and being one over on the par 5’s. The top 17 advance to the 2nd stage and one under is the cut-off after today.

  • The course was hit with five inches of rain from Wilma but you wouldn’t know it. I wore my water proof shoes but they really weren’t needed as the ground was fairly dry. We did play it up though due to mud accumulating on the ball.

  • Oh Canada; My Canadian contact has us playing at The Hunt Club in London Ontario next season and The Mayfair Club in Edmonton in Alberta in 2007. The Canadian National Railway is the sponsor.

  • Hound Dog, Jaybird and I met at Smokey Bones for some cocktails and dinner and on the way out ran into Sue Ginter-Brooker. She’s in town playing in a Hooters Tour event.

  • What’s that noise?; Boo Weekly was warming up on the range next to us and was apprehensive about the noise his driver was making. Having his caddie hold the shaft, he gave the head a good twist and off it came accompanied with very loud SNAP! A backup was in the trunk but he really did like that driver.

Wednesday: Bested yesterday’s score by two but we have a long way to go to finish in the top 17. Need to bring it the next two days.

  • Why me? While one of our playing partners was getting a ruling on our last hole when we overheard a situation on his radio. Apparently, one of the contestants hit a shot, the ball bounced off a root, then hit the face of his club as he posed. Add two and cuss!

  • Looks Like Morgan Pressel carded her first exemption (The Safeway International) for next year with Michelle Wie being offered the other. Read it hear.

Thursday: Miscalculated yesterday’s score. We only shot one better than the day before but even that would have been preferred than today’s four over. The back nine is really ripping us a new one.

  • I never lost a scorecard till today. It slipped out my pocket while retrieving the yardage book on the eight hole. We finished on the front so the cart ride back from an official was a short one.

  • Jaybird, looping for Chan Song, had a no-start with his car this morning and managed to contact me before arriving at the course. I headed back and saved him a cab ride. He thought  his eight year old battery finally gave up the ghost but it turned out the terminals were heavily corroded and the negative clamp needed replacing. He’s off for repairs as I write this. If the name Song rings of familiarity it should. Does Aree and Naree ring a bell?

Friday: Our best round of the week, even par, but never managed to get it in the red. One over on the par 5’s is what did us in. John is heading for Georgia but I may be sticking around for The Champions qualifier being held in Lakeland at Eaglebrook. Should get a call today or tomorrow to know for sure.

  • A new battery was a prudent course of action for Jay along with the clamp. $120 was the price of peace of mind. Now if he would only get that leak around the rear window fixed, the pond in his back seat will dry out! He was close to having his own little storm surge the other day. The Cypress Gardens water ski troupe was thinking of holding a practice session with Jay’s permission but the diving board took up too much room. I think that’s enough ragging on Jay.

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