Rochester International 2006-Rochester NY

My player this week is Dina Ammaccapane

Monday: With a morning and afternoon pro-am and Dina in neither, I had the day off. I did stop in to drop off caddie info for The Open and interact with my compadres. Talk of the dismal decision by Phil, the give-away by Colin and the generally brutal set-up dominated (we love to seem em suffer). My take on Phil was that his ego did him in, but not in a derogatory way. These guys are so good, playing it safe may be the most difficult decision to arrive upon. Past successes in what seemed to be impossible situations just fuels the fire of invincibility. Sooner or later it catches up to you. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the Podunk Invitational but one of the most coveted treasures in golf.

Cats n dogs; As I write this (10:00 AM), it’s coming down in buckets and a clap of thunder reverberated out my window. This day will be cut short for sure. The qualifier is being held at Oak Hill with a field of twelve and may be an ‘all day sucker’.

Tuesday: We were on the tee by 6:30 AM and done before 10:00. One of my easier practice days. Ran into a few singles and groups that cut in front of us on the back nine but Dina had no qualms making it known we had priority. Played right through ’em.

Dina and Clarissa ‘paying the piper’ during our practice round.

  • Winners reunion; It’s the 30th anniversary of the Rochester event and a special Tournament of Champions was on tap for this afternoon with a total purse of $50,000. A couple players even had their past caderos on the sack.

Carl Laib (Machine) reunited with Patty Sheehan.

The same with Tommy Thorpe and Nancy Lopez.

A larger crowd than we had all week at Sybase, gathered for the past champs.

  • Magic fingers; There’s some discomfort only the firm and sensual touch of a man can cure. Clewsie (loops for Hee-Won Han) is in ‘seventh heaven’ as Sonny works his charms.

Enjoying this way too much.

Wednesday: No pro-am for us so a couple hours of practice sufficed.

  • Bad break; That reported ankle injury to Jimin Kang turned out to be a broken foot. Six week  recovery prognosis.

  • This little piggy…; Seems like lower extremity injuries are all the rage lately. “The Captain of the toes” (another Seinfeld reference) on Tina Barrett’s right foot was the recipient of a bombardment from a high altitude lamp and is out of commission. But necessity is the mother of invention, and a trip to Golf Galaxy found the solution. A pair of Footjoy golf sandals will fill the bill till the Captain recovers.

I wonder if Jeffrey does her nails?

  • Roll-a-Bowl; The nth annual Donna Wanna Bowling Tournament was a rousing success as more participants than available lanes showed to test their skill (and drink themselves silly). Varied leisure attire was donned by the crafty kegglers but one guest just had to give it a go with her Prada pumps.

I’ll give you one guess.

  • Love lost; “The City of Brotherly Love” treated one cadero with quite the opposite recently. Following the Open qualifier, Vern, in charge of the care Marcy Hart’s SUV, parked it at the Fairfield Inn near the Philly airport in anticipation of a little peace and tranquility. Unfortunately, the next morning found his belongings missing and the auto disabled by a vain attempt to hot-wire it. A reassuring promise, of at least a complimentary room for one more night, by the front desk clerk fell on deaf ears after reaching the manager. Not even a discount was offered.

Thursday: A sour finish of back-to-back bogies left us with a round of even par. Played too well all day not to be in the red.

  • No parking; Club repairman Paul Boehmer received a call from the USGA regarding a change of plans for the location of his repair trailer. Torrential rains have relegated his designated area into a quagmire. Like that course isn’t going to play long to begin with.

  • Pass the kimchi porfovor; The future of the LPGA definitely is from the Eastern Hemisphere. The Future Tour’s Korean parents (30+) have started their version of a coffee klatch called “Set Buel” in an effort to set their competitiveness aside and get to know each other. A cabal in the making? Any conspiracy theorists have an opinion on these clandestine confluences?

  • A sad note; Wayne Lukash (brother of Gary Lukash AKA Hound Dog) tragically lost his life as his single engine aircraft crashed in North Carolina. Lack of enough fuel is a possible cause of the accident.

Friday: Plenty of birds to be had but we added our share of bogies. Shot -1.

  • No takers; J-Ro touched all the bases this week with rounds of 80-83. No one would have laid down a nickel that she wouldn’t WD.

Saturday: One under again. Just can’t put one of those “lights out” rounds together. Last chance tomorrow.

Sunday: Ditto on today’s round with another -1. A good showing overall, pulling down $12,000 after making only her second cut of the year

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