State Farm Classic 2006-Springfield IL

My player this week is Kim Saiki

Monday: Just under a four hundred mile drive but enjoyed every bit. New wheels driving like a dream. Took it up to 90 mph for a brief period and it’s solid like a rock. Order a Le Bra for the front end from AutoZone and it’ll be here in two days. Just hate those paint nicks that accumulate after time.

Thee place to dine and drink this week is the Capital City Bar & Grille. Plenty of daily specials ($1 burgers and $1.25 draughts today) and right across the street. I look forward to the all you can eat walleye which is available every day.

Tuesday: Kim came in around noon with plans to play with Aree Song but, an all day mist combined with fairways that weren’t cut due to yesterday’s deluge, changed our agenda. Had the sticks regripped instead and we’ll use the pro-am as our practice.

The course is not in the best shape. It has been raining here for awhile and has taken its toll. The range is an abomination with the main hitting area lacking quality turf to hit from.

  • A step up; The retirement of long-time tournament director Sandy Wheeler has us loopers practically giddy. We now have a caddie tent and ate with the volunteers today. It was just a sandwich and chips but the hot grub starts tomorrow.

Wednesday: We brought in the pins today being last in the pro-am. Not a bad time to play considering the morning was an un-Springfield like cool and breezy. Warmed up nicely in the afternoon and the “Benji” slider at the end of the round was greatly appreciated.

The fairways still weren’t mowed but it made no difference today. They’ll be down to tournament height tomorrow but we’re still going to play “ball in hand”. Too many bare spots.

Thursday: A slow start had us two over after eleven holes but Kim turned up the heat with an eagle and three birds to finish -3.

  • Sounds like a plan to me; Many familiar faces may be found in the breakfast room at the Pear Tree Inn as caderos file out of their rooms for that first cup o’ joe, a bowl of cereal or that all American favorite, a 700 calorie donut. Conversation bounces from the Rail Classic to future plans and everything in-between. But heads turned and laughter erupted when J.P. opined, “I just want to get through these next two weeks, go to Asia and buy me a wife”! Sure beats looking for a place to loop for the off season.

  • That’s using your noggin; Looks like the interminable waits on the reachable par fives are thing of the past this week. The field staff induced eleven minute intervals which  leave enough room for the group ahead to clear and we never were held up.

  • Rather be dead than red; This is about the time travel plans must be made if a trip to Asia is in he offing at the end of the season. One looper had his player arrange his itinerary and wonders how much she saved after seeing his layover. Los Angels to Thailand with a seven hour pit stop in Moscow? But instead of being dispirited, he welcomed the chance to see Red Square during the interim. Wonder how many rubles you tip the cabbie?

  • Nip ‘n tuck; Kim played a pro-am on Monday at Bulle Rock (home of the McDonald’s Championship) and a couple changes are in the making. The second and sixteenth green are getting a make-over.

Friday: Never really got it goin’ but still managed to get it under par. Shot -1. Need to pull a Dina on the weekend and light it up.

  • I should be slapped; Kim hasn’t been feeling quite right all week. A variety of symptoms including a sinus ache behind the eyes have plagued her daily. On the range today, Kim acknowledged feeling a bit better but “My eyes just aren’t right” was her lament. Stepping to the plate without delay (but apologizing first) I quipped, “Kim, you were born that way” (Asian persuasion). Being cool as she is, and understanding my affliction (uncontrollable zingers), we both had a good laugh.

  • No more Frosties in ColumbusRead about it here. More inside info from The Columbus Dispatch.

Saturday: Things just weren’t right today. Lack of focus and a quick swing but still shot -1.

  • This one is beneath even me; The Quest Motel has found a few caddies taking advantage of their offerings for the week. 200 bucks is the tariff and free porn on channel 47. A combination hard to beat.

  • Serenity now; Il Mi Chung is in the running this week and her manager, Young , is probably a bit on edge. As we passed on parallel holes, I  saw him fondling a stress ball as he followed her. They pass them out at each tournament and come in handy now and then.

  • Adios; This is the final career event for Michelle Estill. Time to experience fresh adventures. Happy to see she made the cut.

Sunday: Bad day all-around. Shot +4.

  • Another bad break; If you happened to notice, Joanne Morley never teed it up today. Slipped in the shower and broke a finger as she braced herself while falling.

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