Sybase Classic 2006-New Rochelle NY

My player this week is Kim Saiki

Sunday: Drove half way to Aberdeen MD and most of it was on Rte.1. I95 was a parking lot.

Monday: Morning rain shortened the pro-am to nine holes which left the course wide open in the afternoon except for a small group of qualifiers. I walked the course and in it’s superb condition. It does have a different look though, many trees have been removed even some were in strategic areas affecting shot placement.

Tuesday: WASH OUT! The course was closed due to more rain and didn’t open till 10:30. By 10:50 it started dumping again. No golf today. Wish I had my camera right now. There are three players (with caddies holding umbrellas) on the practice green putting during the present deluge. Some just can’t take a day off. E-9 for us tomorrow as we’re alternating early.

  • Man oh Man; There was more to the Man situation in last week’s final round (check out Williamsburg) than met the eye . Before they teed it up, he was still professing his refusal to work and a replacement was sent to the range. He finally relented but was no joy to be with. The following is a description as told by an eye witness.

Man does nothing the whole time. No yardages, no lining putts, barely cleaning clubs, no conversation between them at all. He’s even worse as usual with the other caddies as he won’t take the pin or rake the trap on the 16th for both players as is customary. The other two caddies have the “oh well we have to work with Man” look on their faces all the way around. Of course with no conversation there are no arguments so there are no problems as they go around. The scorer told me he kept taking the standard’s chair at each hole and went on saying that “she no putt or she stupid”. Things got better on the front as she birdied a couple of holes and they started to have some conversation when the rain delay came up. That’s where I left them and I guess they lived as a team for another day.

Wednesday: Played the E-9 on the back as expected. Surprisingly, after all that rain yesterday, most of the fairways were fairly dry and the greens perfect. They even got in some play late yesterday the course drains so well.

  • New wheels; As Jill McGill’s group was turning during the pro-am, (played the back first) one of the amateurs spouted off to his buddy that the whole group just won a car. Actually, it was a two year lease on a Mercury Zephyr. I didn’t confirm it, but if it was the 16th even the pro and her caddie are included.

Thursday: Got bit in the butt on the infamous par three 16th with a double but the rest of the round was stellar. Finished -2 for the day. we played ‘ball in hand’ as the fairways wee still a bit soft and more rain expected this afternoon.

  • Ace update; It’s true, the McGill group all won a lease on a new Zephyr but it’s a Lincoln not a Mercury. Sherri Steinhauer’s group also made a 1 on the same hole but the fine print reads that cars are awarded to all in the group only on the first ace. The amateur did get one for himself though.

Mike Hobbs (Jill’s toter) looks over his new ride with fellow cadero Lane Kjeldsen

  • New bag on the block; Check this beauty out. Locks of Love is truly a magnanimous gesture.

  • Life on Tour fan; Met ‘wedgeplayer’, an avid follower, while walking off our third hole of the day. Disappeared just as quickly.

Friday: At least an eight hour weather related delay.

  • Stir crazy; With plenty of time on our hands we all get a little punchy. Scraper, in a bit of a  frolicsome mood, walked the ‘caddie runway of fashion’ demonstrating one of his prized, albeit a little weird, attire.

Super Bowl sleepwear?

  • Add two; A couple players had to adjust their score yesterday with a two shot penalty over infractions unrelated to hitting a single shot. Susie Perry’s cadero (must have been a local) had ‘the need for speed’ and jumped on a golf cart for a ride during the round, which is forbidden, and Kelly Cap failed to show on time to tee it up.

  • Horror stories; Plenty to go around on this track. The ninth and sixteenth holes seem to be vortices that attract some of the ugliest and most unfortunate play on tour. Both have extremely severe greens that eject any shot that’s even a bit amiss. One player’s third shot, a 15 foot chip above the hole on the ninth, wound up to be a 62 yard fourth shot! If you roll off the front nothing can stop the ball till it settles well below the level of the green down the fairway. The par three sixteenth is just wicked. The most unfair putting surface on the planet by my estimation. Knees shake on even the tiniest of putts above the hole, as they may easily roll off the green into heavy rough if missed.

Saturday: Two doubles spoiled our day but we’re still in good position at +1. Kim is striking it well but something always holds us back.

  • EEEE! EEEE! EEEE! As we waited to rip our first tee shot of the day, an unknown bystander wished Kim well in a very unusual way. The utterance of “Good luck today, Psycho” took her aback and induced laughter from the group. I continued with the theme by reenacting the shower scene from the movie of the same name and asking Kim if she had any cutlery in the bag. The witty rejoinder of “Lucky for you, I don’t” was the consummate response.

Sunday: Today’s round was like a voyage at sea, aboard The Poseidon! We were on a voyage in calm waters until a rouge wave of monumental proportions broadsided us on the third hole. After the severe false front on this par five spurned our approach back into the fairway, it mercilessly  rejected our next three attempts returning them to the same position each time. A quad was the result which capsized the ship. The rest of the way consisted of clawing our way to the top, loosing passengers at every turn, in a vain attempt to be rescued. But help never arrived and we went down with the vessel. 81 lashes later it was finally over.

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