Wegmans LPGA 2005-Rochester NY

My player this week is Il Mi Chung

Monday: Walked both Open qualifying courses in preparation for tomorrow’s marathon. Webster, set up at 6407 yards, is the easier of the two with Ontario tighter and substantially more sloping greens at 6516. With a double pro-am at the tournament course, my plans to give it a quick once-over were dashed. Think I put on a few miles today? Not really, Ontario let us take a cart but I was planning to walk it. Counts for something doesn’t it?

  • After signing up at the caddie tent, our badges our given out randomly by snatching one out of a bag. I pulled badge number 007. This week just call me Bond, James Bond.

Tuesday: 36 holes of tension driven, U.S. Open qualifying ended with just trying to get into the barn before the gas ran out. We did and made it into the Open with a score of +2. The weather started out with a gusty wind of 17 mph and higher with a hail storm predicted for later that afternoon but never happened. Actually, got better as the day progressed and the wind subsided. 38 players qualified with +4 as the cut-off. No playoff necessary.

Totaling The Scores

Jamie Hullet and Her Dad Awaiting The Results. (Made it on the number)

  • Speaking of qualifiers, there was one held on Monday in Baltimore and was short lived for Mhairi McKay. On the eight hole in the first round, she pumped four tee balls Oscar Brown (out of bounds) and packed it it. No sense continuing after that.
  • An infamous tour caddie, who shall remain anonymous, must have figured a yardage book for the Ontario course in Rochester was a superfluous expenditure, or some other idiotic notion, and didn’t pick one up. He also didn’t walk the course and it showed. A multitude of bogies had his player so far back going into the second round recovery was impossible. Needless to say, they’re histoire. 

Wednesday: We were the last alternate in our time slot and needed the day off. Many others were not as fortunate as pro-am exemptions  were the hot item of the day. At least seven were taken by the time I departed the course.

Thursday: Another nasty day on the course with rain and wind pestering us most of the way. Shot 5 over with a under par round needed tomorrow to play the weekend.

  • We were paired with Makaela Parmlid who may be one of the slowest players on tour. Never seems to ready even when last to hit. For fast players like Il Mi it could be quite nerve wracking. 

  • Rochester may have the most avid fans on tour. Rain and wind will not deter their willingness to partake in this event. They could be sitting at home, clicker in hand and chips and beer at the ready, but instead are lining the fairways at Locus Hill. Kudos to each and everyone!

Friday: We were the second group off and by the time we arrived on the fifth hole the group in front was being timed. Not wanting to fall behind ourselves, we donned our track shoes and the race was on. Seemed we could barely catch our breath especially after the arduous climb up the eight fairway, but I knew once we made the turn lead boots would be the footwear of the day. The back nine is much more demanding with tighter fairways and a couple of long par fours. We shot the under par round needed to make the cut on the number and will be teeing it up early.

  • The sixteenth hole found Makaela in the left trees with a difficult shot to the green. I didn’t see her practice swings but it sounded like she was chopping her way through the Amazon Rainforest with a machete! She executed the shot without a hitch but caught the eye of both her competitors. They both were in agreement that all that hacking brought down enough foliage from the impairing tree that she incurred a penalty. Upon reaching the green, an official was summoned and all the players returned to the scene of the deforestation. Apparently it could not be proven that she improved her intended swing and no penalty was assessed. Il Mi and Eva was not convinced but what could they do? You would thing that questioning one’s veracity would be quite unnerving but it didn’t bother Makaela one bit. She birdied the 17th and slam dunked her second shot for an eagle on 18!

Saturday: Paired with Siew-Ai Lim and she was announced as being from Kaluah Lumpur instead of Kuala Lumpur.  Maybe he was an aficionado of Black Russians! 

We shot an even par round of 72 and moved up a bit. A move tomorrow will make a decent check.

  • My computer is still not fixed. In fact, they sent the mail-in repair box to the wrong address! Another box is being dispatched to next week’s hotel in Denver. This is without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with. If you travel a lot do not purchase the extended warranty from Circuit City. They are dreadfully inept and the only return address used is the one you send it in from. If you happen to be in another city when it’s finally fixed that’s your problem!

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