Wendy’s Championship 2005-Dublin OH

My player this week is Pam Kerrigan

Sunday: One thing about missing the cut is you get on the road early. I was on the highway before dawn with no traffic to fight in D.C.

  • I was still looking for a pair of waterproof shoes so when I happened upon a Cabela’s Outfitters, just outside of Wheeling West Virginia, I had to stop in. Picked up a pair of Dry Plus X4 Casual Walking Shoes which were reasonably priced. Besides being waterproof it has a very non-aggressive sole. Most of these types of footwear have knobby soles for traction that may do a number on the greens. That’s a no-no.

  • My roomy and I our heading out early tomorrow looking for work. There are two pro-ams with the qualifier off-site.

Monday: A handful of loopers congregated in the parking lot looking for work but no work to be found in the AM. Most of the players weren’t even playing this week. The PM shift looked more promising so we returned around eleven. I perused the field list and noticed that Pam made it into the event and rang her up. She was without a cadero so I was in. It pays off to have players numbers, especially in this case. A friend had lined up a Nationwide caddie for her but she never got the message. In fact, he was standing next to me when I told another caddie who I was working for. He was pissed but them’s the breaks.

Pam gave me the choice of working the pro-am or not, since we were on buggies, but I never gave it a second thought. Of course I would work it, she just saved me fighting the other caddies for a loop.

It was a shotgun start with our group of Bruce Strassfurth, Dave Kaucheck, Dan Filipsci and Hank Snowden starting on the 3rd. Not the best ball strikers in the world but a a good bunch of guys. I love a group you can rip without offending anyone and they fit the bill. At one point, Dave owed me $2 for missing two fairways you can land a 747 on till we reached the 17th. It’s a short par 3 and we just came up a little shy of the green but still in chip-in range. With Pam the last to hit, she said “I get Larry’s $2 if I make it”. Damned if she didn’t! On to the 18th with 147 left to the pin on the par 4, Pam was between a seven or a six iron and asked for my advice. Being downhill and the pin up front, I opted for the seven. It landed a few feet a away and found the jar! EAGLE TWO! High fives all around. The picture below was appropriately taken on the 18th.


Dan, Bruce, Hank, Pam and Dave

All around, It was a good day. Found a job, saw the course and had a good time in the pro-am.

Tuesday: Pam was in an off-sit pro-am so I had the day off so to speak. Walked the course just to make sure everything was correct but since I had notes form the last two years it was short work.

  • I finally got my computer back from service and there’s no change. It works fine after being reformatted but when I start restoring my programs and updates it bogs down. Took it to the local Circuit City one more time for a tech to run a diagnostic. I think they owe me a new one by now.

  • Caddie updates; Didn’t take long for Birdie Kim to axe, her Open winning caddie, Miles. She snatched up Lance from Paula Creamer since Colin has returned. Shadow is back with Jimin Kang. She axed him the week before she won Corning. Tex is off Wendy Doolan’s sack. He only made it till Tuesday of The British when he quit. I can’t repeat what he said to her but it was a beauty. He’s now looping for Laura Diaz. Heard Brittany Lincicome has finally rid herself of that anchor of a caddie she’s had since since Phoenix and is looking. Her dad is toting for her this week.

  • Correction; Lance went to work for Beth Bauer and Eric, Se Ri’s looper, is on Birdie’s bag. Se Ri by the way has a fractured finger. I also heard that Birdie still owes Miles the percentage money from The Open. 10% on a win isn’t chump change.

  • The last rules meeting was held and we covered water hazards. Apparently, Lu Bemvenuti didn’t know the difference from a direct and lateral hazard last week and cost her two shots on the 18th with an incorrect drop.

Wednesday: Pam needed to recover from yesterday’s 6+ hour pro-am at Double Eagle so a late practice was scheduled. We started on the far end of the range, but being down wind, switched to the other end. It’s always better to hit into the wind when practicing. The lack of drag on the ball downwind doesn’t give you much feedback.

  • Got down to business with a couple drills and and filmed a them with my Fuji. Pam was disappointed to see that what she was working on wasn’t paying off. There may be a huge difference in what you feel and the actual result.

  • Caryn Wilson stopped by to chat, and along with Kim Saiki, added an extra 45 minutes to our practice session. Topics ranged from the whippy practice club, Pam had one in the bag, and of course had to demo it, to in-laws and relatives, real or adopted. Kim’s Mommy and Poppy from Portland were touched on and even Aunt Floe had a go-around.

  • My phone went missing after doing some morning shopping but turned up at Trader Joe’s that evening, Unfortunately, the screen was trashed but still working. Off to buy another one before the week ends. They really don’t give much of a break. 25% off retail and you have to sign for another 2 years. I may switch providers (from Verizon to Cingular) since the termination fee versus a free phone with another plan isn’t much difference.

  • The digital camera I finally received from coming in second in the Corning Pro-Am is much better than the original they gave out. Nicole Jeray, who was one of the recipients after the scorecard snafu, gave hers away.’

Thursday: YUK! Four over for the day. Pam didn’t feel quite right all day but when we made the turn she thought she might not finish. A splitting headache combined an out of control body thermostat had her about to boil over and head explode at the same time. On top of that, we got behind and were timed from the eleventh through fourteenth hole. Out came the track shoes and we were off to the races. Once we caught we waited on every shot on in.

  • A new caddie uniform is be experimented with this week and is not our favorite. It’s kind of a bowling shirt which seems to be made out of a fabric resembling table linen. It’s hot and has only one small shirt pocket. Basically it SUCKS! Before we teed off, Beth Bader’s caddie Donna, disposed of her shirt with the aide of Catherine Hull holding a towel curtain. Too hot to wear both. At least we don’t have to put down a deposit and they clean them every day.

  • Got a couple bites on my camera (for sale) so maybe I’ll make enough to buy a new phone.

Friday: Played much better but the course is being taken apart. Too deep of a hole to dig out of so we’re off this weekend.

  • Looks like the drought in the Mid-West has taken it’s toll on next week’s course. A posted notice warns of large patches of fairway without grass. Worse drought in the past 150 years.

  • It’s hard to believe; I took my phone back to Verizon, and since the screen wasn’t cracked, it was replaced under warranty. I sprung for a new carry case out of gratitude. That saved me a few bucks.

  • Anna finally visited my website and didn’t realize what she was missing. She had a difficult time with my sarcastic sense of humor but I think she’s starting to understand.

Saturday: Met Pam for a morning practice session. She came out at the predetermined time but said she needed another ten minutes and would be right back. Forty-five minutes later she was ready to go. Going back into the locker room is like entering a black hole. The gravitational pull of endless conversation is quite irresistible. Sometimes you have to fight to get out. Managed to get in a little range time before the deluge hit. We were done by noon.

  • Picked up my laptop from Circuit City and the tech confirmed it has a problem. When he tested it on Thursday he said it booted OK but ran slowly. This time he booted it up again when I was present and 30 minutes later it still wasn’t finished. The left-click button is also going bad.

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