A Little Help for Our Friends

April 21, 2010

Historic Brownsville Open: Boehmer spends days at golf course fixing clubs …

They never had it so good.

Ready For Morelia

April 20, 2010

For the second consecutive year, I’ll be taking the circuitous route to Morelia. This Saturday, I’ll fly DFW to MEX, take a taxi to the Terminal Poniente bus station, board an ETN coach for the four hour trip to Morelia and one more taxi to the Holiday Inn Express. I will not be the only one doing this by far. Even some players will be making this move. The bottom line is the reason.

LPGA Tour confirms world No. 1 Ochoa will retire Hey, we still have Shin, Tseng, Kim, Park, Lee and Wie.

Would you like to join us? Given our schedule and the extra daylight available, the field during the summer events will be increased to 150 from the standard 144. Good move.

I never would have guessed: – And golfers don’t cheat. … “That’s what makes our sport so special,” Davis said. “It was just one of those things. I had to call it and I did.” – Brian Davis after calling a penalty on himself in the playoff.

Shoulder to shoulder? Advanced ticket sales to the LPGA Championship, held at Locust Hill in Rochester NY this year, have doubled compared to previous years I’ve heard. Wegmans has always amassed a substantial gallery so a strain on the logistics of crowd management is inevitable. But given their years of experience and a reputation of being one of the best run events on tour, I’m positive they’ll have it worked out by game time. One thing for sure, those premium parking spots just across the street from the course will not be going down in price. CHA-CHING!

Was it a Titleist? – large amount of garbage in its stomach — ranging from a pair of sweat pants to a golf ball. –

I’ll pass: Played with an iPad at Best Buy awhile back. Nice toy but that would be way down on my just-need-to-have list. Unless of course, one of my readers would like to submit one for my review. 😉

Tseng Changes Caddie After Kraft Victory

April 14, 2010

Read all about it here. She wasn’t the only one either. It was “bloody” Sunday.

Kickin’ Back

April 12, 2010

Haningin’ in Arlington TX. Car maintenance and tax forms have occupied my time. Missed the implosion of Texas Stadium but didn’t really care. May go on a tour of the new facility though.

Masters’ Sunday: Could any more balls find the hole from downtown? – Phil’s second on 13 was just plain ballsy. – Tiger is a punk. – Phil is king!

Back at ya: Resent that email to the Commish. He replied the next day. Don’t know what happened to the first one. Maybe the Post Office has started delivering email.

Links on the links:

Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf debuts on Golf Channel

A feel-good moment for golf.

3-D golf is pretty darn cool

Sports is not filled with role models

Business of golf more interesting than sport

Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Two

April 2, 2010

No one has sent along any updates so nothing to report.

Last week, there was an emphasis placed on tournament sponsors especially the pro-am, in our talk with the Commissioner, and I’m sure it was the same when he addressed the players. Unfortunately, the international contestants here this week didn’t get the word. During Wednesday’s pro-am, they hogged the right side of the range reserved for the amateurs even though a second range, on the far side, was empty.

One and out? My second email to the Commish has gone unanswered. I know it’s a busy time so I’ll cut him some slack but it’s on a subject caddies have been pondering for the last two years.

The Disney winners for Orlando magazine 2010 Dining Awards! My nephew Rich’s restaurant, Sanaa, was the top pick for Best New Restaurant. Can’t remember if he washes dishes, is a chef or runs the entire place. 😉

In related news, the crew at Sanaa got to name two tortoises at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and they chose Rich’s last name, Smich,(which is mine also, if you haven’t figured that out) and his buddy Chappy. These tortoises are from Madagascar and live about 150 years, so I got that goin’ for me.

Packing Wood:

Donald Trump blames golf for Tiger Woods’ sex addiction.

Seeing double? Woods’ look-alike enjoys celebrity status. What no picture? I found it here.

Tiger Woods, golf’s meal ticket, is back. Enough already!

Question of the day: Jesse James, Tiger Woods and John Edwards are all drowning and you could only rescue one. Who would it be?

On a lighter note: (sarcasm) Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was moments away from suicide… with only rum and anti-depressants for company, put a gun in his mouth…

“The Beef Jerky Got Me” Bedridden 600-pound Florida man cops to series of food thefts:

This Bud’s for you: Malaysia beer-drinking model ‘escapes caning’

Hey, Al Gore: Forecasters: S. Florida Winter Among Coldest Eve

I’m done.

Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Wednesday

March 31, 2010

Worked for the same group as yesterday. Joo Mi Kim was our pro with Jeff Snow on the bag. This time we were on the Palmer Course and the greens are the best I’ve ever seen them. Very, very close to the the tournament track. Managed to dine in Hospitality afterward and it’s one of the best on tour. The ice cream shakes are to die for.

It’s cryin time again… This is flat out amazing. Three players DQ’d for missing their tee time on the Palmer. Yesterday, Shanshan Feng drove out to the tenth tee (players are allowed to take carts on this course), which is in the middle of the course, thinking she was teeing off there. By the time she realized everyone was starting on the first hole, it was too late to get back.

Today it was Maria Hjorth and Helen Alfredsson. Hall of Famer Patty Sheehan was scheduled to play in the pro-am but totally forgot about it. So when she didn’t show, Maria was the next alternate to take her place but didn’t know it. Helen was after Maria but by the time she made it out to the group, it was too late.

Some may think this is too severe a penalty for missing a pro-am but there is a good reason for it of which I won’t get into.

All that preparation down the drain. The sad part is, this has not been the first time players have missed their time on the Palmer, resulting in a DQ, here’s why. Normally, once you play the pro-am, even in a two-dayer, your obligation is complete but the field here is small and there is a good chance you may be an alternate the other day. Gets them every time.

Way down south in the land of cotton… was the tune one of the local caddies was crooning, after being fired from his amateur loop, before today’s round. The reason was that Marvin seemed a bit high yesterday and today it was even worse. Said he’d call the news but more importantly, his cousin the President.

Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Tuesday

March 30, 2010

Plenty of loopers looking for a bag this week including me. We’ll work the pro-am then hit the road.

Jeff Steffler and I looped in threesome of hotel gentry. Mika Miyazato was the pro and veteran Tom Konopacki was on the bag. Great group peppered with multiple zingers.

You’re up: The Palmer Course is the other track we use for the pro-am and has a reputation of initiating WD’s. It happened again today when Lorena was called in to replace Giulia Sergas. CK was next which prompted a suggestion from one of the boys that Lorena should now take her exemption. Love is in the air… 😉

Kia Classic – Round Four

March 28, 2010

My player is Maria Hernandez

Four over for our final round and I do mean final.

Familiar faces: Played with Sherri Steinhauer and on the third hole, Maria asked if Sherri was the Junior Solheim Cup captain when they played in Minnesota. She had and it turns out, Maria was on the opposing team. They started reminiscing which led to an amusing story.

After play concluded that year, the American players all wished to go shopping so the entire team piled into a Ford Taurus with Sherri as the chauffeur. They were stacked like cord-wood with Morgan on the bottom. After getting lost, the the gripes began to surface so they stopped for directions. Everyone got out except Morgan who just laid there and told them to work it out and get back on the road.

Kia Classic – Round Three

March 27, 2010

My player is Maria Hernandez

Two over today but still gained around twenty spots.

Something new every day: As we strode down the ninth fairway, I noticed the rather used condition of Maria’s glove and mention that it might be time for a change. Not for Maria though. She doesn’t like the feel of a new glove and prefers something more broken in.

Say what? J-Ro mentioned in a recent interview that this is too difficult a course to open the year with and should be played in the middle of the season. Considering our Swiss cheese schedule, don’t ya think one should be ready at the opening bell? What was she doing all Winter?

Kia Classic – Round Two

March 26, 2010

My player is Maria Hernandez

Birdied the last to make the cut on the number.

Veteran loopers exit the final hole with a powerful thirst seeking to be quenched. So when one of our group jokingly asked a guy in the skybox if any stray brewskies were looking for a home, we didn’t reject the three that materialized. Of course, we abstained until our caddie duties were completed.

True to his word: The Commissioner told us he welcomes any comments or suggestions. Just email them along for his full consideration. I did, and received a reply the next day. He actually thought my idea was good.

Money in the bank: More caddies are moving to the Straight Talk cell service. If all you need is basic calls, text and a little web service, it can’t be beat. No, I’m not getting a cent from them. Just saving money.

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