2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Final Round

December 7, 2015

Ran into Jon Shield shortly after arriving at the course. He’s a former LPGA caddie and ex-husband of LPGA pro Connie Chillemi. We followed Nicole Jeray on the back nine and reminisced about his six years on tour.

Unfortunately, with only one shot away from sneaking into the top twenty, Nicole doubled seventeen. Cheyenne Woods was in the group and brought it on the back nine to get her card. Dad was there to cheer her on.

Jon Shield and me 2015 q-school finals

It came down to the final hole for Wichanee Meechai. She was –5 for the day but had to finish on one of the hardest on the course, the ninth. Nine and eighteen were switched for the event so the demanding dogleg left par four was all that remained to secure her tour card. All she needed was a par but it wasn’t meant to be. Made double.

Biggest collapse goes to Victoria Elizabeth. Shot 78 and missed the playoff by one. Christine Song was not far behind. A 76 missed it by the same one shot.

Upstate Jay’s favorite player, Maude-Aimee LeBlanc, breezed in. I doubt if she’ll be back on the Symetra Tour. Too much game.

Yu Liu didn’t make the cut and neither did a Scottish player who brought her caddie from across the pond in lieu of the veteran American bloke she took at 2nd stage. Not implying a thing. Just saying.

Jon sent me this photo from 1995 courtesy of Tim Atsedes. It’s from a caddie softball game in Rochester NY.

1995 caddie softball game Rochester NY

As the late Dave Baker always said, “It’s cartoon characters coming to life”.

Lovin’ my new phone. Here’s a tip I just found. Should work on all Android phones.

Hear and Reply to Your Last Five Messages With a Google Now Command

Then there was this:

Japan LPGA wins 6 singles matches to capture The Queens

Gaby Lopez earns LPGA card, and strives for 2016 Olympics spot

2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Round 3

December 4, 2015

I took the day off.

So far there has been two WDs. Sue Kim took her leave after aggravating a prior wrist injury. Don’t know about Belen Mozo.

One caddie was terminated I heard. Doris Chen delivered the bad news.

2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Round 2

December 3, 2015

Power walked 17 holes on the Hills Course. Many of the holes were protected from the wind. Imagine players on the Jones weren’t so lucky.

Rubble in trouble. Rubble’s player, Budsabakorn Sukapan, shanked her tee ball on the par 3 seventh and somehow made it through the jungle and had a shot to the green. Made bogey.

Rubble in trouble 2015 q-school

Jeff Steffler, deep in thought or asleep at that wheel? Could go either way.

Steffler agaze 2015 q-school

Why did the squirrel cross the road?

squashed squirrel

Not to get squashed like a bug, that’s for sure.

Then there was this:

Tiger Woods opens up on failed marriage, future in golf

2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Round 1

December 2, 2015

Good weather begets good scores. Didn’t hurt that they played it ball-in-hand either. Things may change starting tomorrow. A north wind for the next four days is predicted with a little rain thrown in.

Started out watching Louie’s group but couldn’t handle the pace so I did a power walk on the back nine of the Jones Course.

Yu Liu had six birds but finished even. Not that I’m keeping score. 🙂

If you haven’t seen the comment from Susan McIntosh regarding the post concerning her husband Louis, here it is.

Susan Anderson McIntosh says:

Hi this is Louis’s wife, Susan, I want to thank all the caddies that have called with questions and updates on Louis. I’m making a list so when I see him Thursday I don’t forget any of you. Being out on tour was some of his happiest memories and he’s spoken of them often. I’ll keep you all informed of his progress good or bad. Thank you again. Susan

2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Tuesday

December 1, 2015

Practice is over and they get down to business tomorrow.

You can’t tell a player/caddie team without a scorecard so here are a few combos.

Caddie Player
Dan Huber Lacy Agnew
Jeff Steffler Heather Bowie
Rick The Nerd Caroline Westrup
Scraper Karlin Beck
John Kaleen Sandra Changkija
Louie Sue Kim
Audrey Kendall Dye
Chad Silvia Cavalleri
Bully Cyna Rodriguez
T-Mac Candy Hannemann
Worth Jeongeun Lee
Jo Morley Holly Clyburn
Philly Phil Ashli Bunch
Neil Carter Amy Boulden
Steve Alt Demi Runas
Lisa Strom Jenny Gleason
Michelle Simpson Sydney Clanton
Mardi Lunn Becky Morgan

More loopers on parade.

Greg_Neil_Jo Morley and Bully

Michelle Wie will have a new bag toter next season. Rumor has it that Dave ####### will be on the sack. Sorry, you have to figure it out.

On a sad not, former LPGA caddie, Louis McIntosh, is in very poor health. He is bedridden in a health care facility in Portland, Oregon and that it does not look promising for a recovery. Basically, he is fighting for his life.

We need everyone’s prayers for our brother, Louis. I know he still has a lot of friends on and off the tour. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to pass along your best wishes to his wife, I will give you her phone number. Just send me an email.

Then there was this:

West Covina man pleads guilty to defrauding pro golfer

Ten Canadians, Including 3 From BC Head Into LPGA Final Qualifying

2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Monday

November 30, 2015

The parking lot was frantic with caddie/player activity in anticipation of the week to come. So far I’m still empty but with a rainy forecast beginning Thursday, there’s still hope for change. Right Barack?

Finishing touches around the club are also in order and the cleanup began with the undesirables occupying the striped asphalt. Take a gander at this gang I found blocking the through lane.

John_Chip_Scraper_Jeff and Craig 2015 q-school

Is that a tour bag or a fanny pack on the big guy?

Scraper 2015 q-school

Back together again. Danny and Lorie strut the walk of fame.

Danny and Lorie Kane 2015 q-school

Former LPGA Rules Official Jim Webb was in the house. Talked to him briefly and discovered he has been an avid reader of my blog for years. Wonder if Ty Votaw still tunes in? I know he did when he was Commissioner and not because he was a fan. 🙂

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