2nd Stage Qualifier 2016 – Round 4

October 23, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Tripled the final hole to shoot +5. Made it with ease. Modelo Especial stress relief was just what I needed afterward. 🙂

Maddie is off to hike the Grand Canyon and I made an appointment with Dr. Phil.

Scraper’s player had one birdie in 72 holes. Hard to believe.

Then there was this:

Maker of golf balls, Acushnet, to go public next; could raise $464 million

Dick’s Sporting Goods buys up Golfsmith stores at bankruptcy auction

2nd Stage Qualifier 2016 – Round 3

October 22, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Gained most of the ground we lost yesterday with a –1 on the Panther today.

My roommate Mike Carrick and I had identical scores the first two rounds so naturally we were paired together. Our third was Lindsey Weaver and I saw something from her on our second hole of the day I’ve never seen before.

It was the par three eleventh. Maddie hit first and it was Lindsey’s tee. She teed it up, backed off and proceeded to pull the peg out of the ground and told Ying Luo to hit instead. ???

Lindsey had her mom on the bag pushing a trolley. She found trouble on the fourteenth hole and was laying three well over the green. She pulled a club but decided to change after seeing the lie. So she called mom over and changed sticks. Took a six but didn’t notice until the eighteenth hole that the club she changed from never made it back in the bag. No worries. After a call to the officials, it was delivered on the next hole.

2nd Stage Qualifier 2016 – Round 2

October 21, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

The wind blew and the scores went up. Ours a little more than most. Shot +4.

Yu Liu must have thought she was still at Alaqua. On one of the holes yesterday she lifted her ball on the fairway thinking it was lift, clean and place.

2nd Stage Qualifier 2016 – Round 1

October 20, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Good opening round. Finished –3.

I attended the the player meeting yesterday and was talking to Ruixin (Rachael) Liu. She played the a Suncoast event last week and it was played ball in hand. On the first hole of the final round, a bee was under her ball and stung her in the right thumb as she lifted it and the stinger went in deep. She played the remainder with it embedded and had it removed at an urgent care facility afterward. Doesn’t think they got it all though. It still bothers her.

Rachael shot +5 today. Wonder if the sore thumb had an influence?

Then there was this:

LPGA Commish: ‘Lucky’ Not to Have to Make Decision About Trump Bedminster

Lydia Ko axes Australian caddie Jason Hamilton as she looks to ignite her struggling game

Lydia Ko’s axing of Australian caddie Jason Hamilton ‘very surprising’: Steve Williams

2nd Stage 2016 – Tuesday

October 18, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Played the front on the Panther this afternoon. Had the entire nine to ourselves.

Walked the front this morning and ran into two caddies charting the greens. They forgot to bring tees so used every piece of paraphernalia they had with them.

Plenty of one time caddies this week. One notable is Peiyn Chien (aka Money). She finished 10th on the money list and has her tour card. She’s looping for Yu Liu.

Walked the Panther Course yesterday then played the back nine with Emma Jandel with B-Funk on the bag. He also worked for her here last year.

Ran into Bully and his player, Kim Welch, while walking the back nine. I started telling caddie stories and had her rolling. Touched on Flipper, Joanne Carner, porta-potties, God’s answer on making the cut and a few other things. Forgot about our most infamous caddie doing life for a double homicide but I’ll save that for another time.

I’m staying in this VRBO condo on the fifth hole of the Bobcat Course between the fairway bunker and the green. Roommates are Scraper and Mike Carrick who are looping for Anne Lise Caudal and Ying Luo.

This could be one of my finest housing finds ever. Walking distance to the clubhouse if need be, plenty of room and all the amenities one needs. Ill be sitting on the balcony watching the stress free  play go by. 🙂

Could be one of the all time FUBAR travel fiascoes with the LPGA trying to get players and caddies to China this week. The charter flight was canceled voluntarily due to the typhoon and it’s been a nightmare ever since but I think they got it worked out. Everyone should be there by tomorrow.

So we were on the 18th green last week and I pointed to a guy sitting in a golf cart with his fluffy lapdog. This prompted a question from Maddie. “What’s the term for a guy who (inaudible) his dog?” “Bestiality?” I queried. What she said was “looks like” but I did get a chuckle from our playing partner.

LPGA 2nd Stage Qualifier – Wednesday

October 21, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Practice is over and now we get down to business.

Round one pairings here. We’re paired with a girl from Kazakhstan.

Megan didn’t hit it well yesterday and I noticed her right hand grip was weak. Instead of telling her so, I told her to check her fundamentals. Grip, ball position and alignment. Luckily, the coach of her friend we played with mentioned it later. Made all the difference in the world today. The huge banana ball is gone.

Talked to Yu Ping before teeing off. She no longer has her golf school but has moved up in stature. Now working with the Chinese National Team. She took six players to Stage 1 and five made it through. Ages range from 18 to 27.

Ran into Robert O. before I left. Looks great. He’s helping officiate. Janet Lindsay is here also.

Shadow’s dad was here today. Scraper touched base and exchanged pleasantries.

LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Pre-practice

September 24, 2011

My Player is Jordan Hardy

The official practice rounds are tomorrow and Monday but many contestants have set up camp here in Venice for awhile. We played the Bobcat course yesterday and the Panther today. Everyone is on a buggy and this will carry-over through the tournament.

We played by our lonesome yesterday and finished just in time. A few minutes later the horn blew, warning of an impending t-storm, and play was called. Two hours later they were allowed to continue. Another storm threatened today’s play but stayed to our north.

Both courses are very wet. Plenty of mud on the ball.

They don’t allow more than two carts in a group so singles were interspersed with twosomes since caddies were riding. Play was slow.

Lack of preparation is an understatement for some players this week. One showed up with a hodgepodge of different grips on her clubs with some sized differently. Her pro caddie took her to the club repair trailer today and arranged a new set.

Spotted a few turkey vultures eating one of their own. Bet it tasted like chicken. The players thought it was disgusting which made me wonder if they expected them to dig a grave with their beaks and bury their buddy.

Our humble hovel for the week sits on the seventh tee of the Bobcat. Here’s a look.

Thumbs downOne of my roommates broke a tooth on some candy. If only he was on a low carb diet.

Carl “The Machine” is in the house. Working for Kendal Dye. That’s what ‘cart golf’ brings to town.Open-mouthed smile

When you think you’ve seen it all: This cooler/trash can sits by one of the on-course restrooms.

no feces sign

Shoot! Now what do I do with it?

Here’s a well informed local business.

pub welcome sign

WPGA? Trials?

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