Tournament Thoughts

April 8, 2019

Again, the ANA Inspiration was disappointing as far as attendance figures go. Compared to this event in the “golden age” of the LPGA, it is woefully pathetic. Anyone who denies that Asian dominance has nothing to do with it is fooling themselves. Just change the name to the ALPGA and be done with it. The highlight was the shot off the bridge on the eighteenth.

On the other hand, the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship was a delight to watch. “Patron” support was incredible and of course, the event was conducted on a scale equal to its groundbreaking significance.

One day, a 6’2” transgender will enter, blowing everyone away, and make a farce out of the whole thing but until then …

Three more hikes in the record books. Another with Jeff Steffler on Thursday and solos the next two days. Today is a day of rest except for doing my taxes.

I got the itch for a new phone after eyeing my roommates’ new devices but I think I’ll pass. I wish my phone had a brighter screen but the cost doesn’t justify the upgrade.


On The Trail With Jeff

April 5, 2019

Hiked the Garstin Loop Trail with caddie Jeff Steffler today. Done in a couple hours. Yesterday we did the Araby Trail.

This is Jeff’s presidential candidate or super hero pose. Your choice.

Jeff Steffler atop the Araby Trail

At the turn during the pro-am, a variety of goodies were on hand for our consumption. One of the choices were chicken or beef sliders. I wasn’t going to have one until the other caddie was on his third and highly suggested it. He was right. The meat was soft as butter. Had to be Kobe beef.

Heard Annie Park had her clubs stolen out of her car this week. Could explain her 76-78 card.

ANA Pro-Am

April 4, 2019

My buddy Mark set me up with a pro-am loop which turned out as one of my best. It was an IMG group which included Tom Maletis, the Tournament Director of the Cambia Portland Classic. Great fun and big money.

The beer provided in the caddie tent afterward hit the spot. So did the second and third. Nothing seems to be better to cure dehydration. At least that’s what I kept telling myself.

For the third time since “The Nerd” moved to Tampa, his mailbox has been destroyed by an errant driver. Luckily, his neighbor slapped it back together temporarily.


ANA Tuesday 2019

April 2, 2019

I heard all players will receive a free yardage book every tournament this year. $35 for the caddies and $100 for the greens book.

Sandra Post spotted me yesterday and stopped to say hello. That was nice.

I’ll be working the pro-am at 7:50 tomorrow. Good money but I may be carrying doubles. Say it ain’t so.

I blazed my own hiking trail yesterday morning. Up the Araby, transitioned to the Berns and down the Shannon. How about this view. Girsten Trail flowers

Lee has also made the trip with Stan to run the caddie tent. Things are running like clockwork.

  1. Mark and Lotta eighth tee

Mark and Lotta during the ANA Junior Inspiration.

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