Cambia Portland Classic – Round Four

August 17, 2015

I’m looping for Cindy Feng.

Even today. Finished 68th by our lonesome.

There was a 5K run around the course before play began and as I was walking through the parking lot, was warned of their approach. I waited and as they passed, raised my sausage and egg biscuit and proudly proclaimed “This is how I train”.

Mardi Lunn brought up a good point in the caddie tent before the first peg entered the ground. The rules of golf allow you to tee the ball up to two club lengths behind the designated teeing ground if you wish but some of the sponsor signs are so close that option is negated. There is no need to put them that close. Let the players use the rules as they were intended.

Thanks to all the crew for another job well done. One of the best run caddie areas for many years.

Mike Stan and Lee Portland 2015

Mike, Stan and Lee

Cambia Portland Classic – Round Three

August 15, 2015

One over today but we’re not DFL. That’s a good thing.

We had a young lad and slightly older girl as our standard bearers. Cindy saw the boy picking his nose on the first tee and I asked if he ate it. The reference to Caddy Shack was lost since she had not seen the movie but it’s on her bucket list.

It was a chit to the food trucks again and another Treasure Burger for me.

Haven’t secured work for next week so a trip to Canada is doubtful.

No need to be quiet in the land of you can’t pump your own gas and paper bags instead of plastic, just Chill Out!

chill out sign Portland

What’s with the exclamation point?

Cambia Portland Classic – Round Two

August 14, 2015

One over today. Made the cut on the number.

The pin on the par three eight was up front and playing downwind which made club selection problematic. Our group had one ball in the water, another over the green and the third shanked into the trees.

Popeye’s chicken on the caddie menu today.

Then there was this:

The 5 Highest-Paid Caddies on the Planet

Cambia Portland Classic – Round One

August 13, 2015

I’m looping for Cindy Feng.

Birdied three of the last four to finish –1.

Subs from Jersey Mike’s kept our bellies full yesterday in the caddie tent but starting today, we have the option of using our food chit at one of the four food trucks parked a few yards away. I waited till finishing and got a monster burger from the Gourmet on the go mobile kitchen. It came with fries but the burger was more than enough.

This is a first. After the round all of Cindy’s friends posed for a photo op on the tenth tee.

Feng friends Portland 2015

Then there was this:

Chicago area lands consecutive LPGA Championships

Cambia Portland Classic – Wednesday

August 12, 2015

Not in the pro-am today so an afternoon practice session was scheduled. One cold one after hit the spot.

One guy in a group making the turn decided to make a practice swing at the back of the tenth tee. He hit the hole sign and snapped his driver,

And the lucky two are:

Cambia qulifiers 2015

Then there was this:

Golf doesn’t need the Olympics, and the Olympics sure don’t need golf

Cambia Portland Classic – Tuesday

August 10, 2015

Arrived at the course just after noon on Sunday and snagged a bag a couple hours later. Cindy Feng and I agreed to terms and I was pressed into service immediately. Touched them all but riding a buggy took the sting out of it.

Yesterday we were in the 8:00 shotgun pro-am. Perfect weather and a good group. As usual, we all walked. Volunteer caddies were pulling the amateur’s trolleys.

Today it was nine holes early and I was let go. Only for the day, not the week. 🙂

BBQ and caddie putting contest finished off the day. Pulled pork, whiskey brisket, chicken and all the fixins. Off course, the beer was flowing freely.

Portland caddie tent 2015

BBQ truck Portland 2015

Here’s Chad missing his first putt.

Chad putting Portland 2015


There has been a “Portland John” sighting. He worked the qualifier for Wendy Doolan.

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