GreatLife Challenge – Round Four

September 7, 2015

Looping for Chie Arimura.

Even though we finished T4, Chie was disappointed. She played good enough to win.

Can’t say I contributed much. Did change her club off the 18th in the first round (it was too much) and was ready with detailed notes of the holes when required. Basically, kept up and shut up. 🙂

We’ve all heard about the parking lot win but a driving range win is more elusive than than golf’s albatross. Rick “The Nerd” missed the cut with Fiona Puyo, took Saturday off (actually he refreshed the fairway paint used for yardages) then picked up Caroline Westrup for the final round. Winner, winner!

The players received a substantial goody bag upon registration this week. Included was what seemed to be a high quality Bluetooth headset. I happened to notice one player immediately scan the barcode, declare the retail price and devise a plan to remove the sticker and bring it to Best Buy for credit. So sad. 😦

Quote of the week: Had a burger and beer with “The Nerd” at Jane’s Little Coalinga Bar and Grill Saturday evening and a guy decided to play some hip-hop on the jukebox. As the barmaid (Jane’s sister) walked bye, she turned to us and said “That’ll make you lose your appetite”. Needless to say, there’s not a whole lot of “brothers” in this neck of the woods.

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