Prairie Band Classic – Round Two

September 12, 2015

The wind died and the scores dropped.

What time is it? That’s what Cindy Lacrosse asked her volunteer caddie yesterday with six holes remaining in her round. After checking his watch, 186 wasn’t the answer she was looking but it was the distance remaining to the hole. DOH! He was wearing a golf GPS which is a major no-no. She conferred with an official after the round and received the bad news. Since she used an illegal device, albeit unintentionally, she was DQ’d.

More on “Upstate”: Jay participated in the 1979 Tractorcade march on Washington and was the press secretary for the A.M.A. His dad was friends with House Speaker Tip O’Neill’’, he dated the daughter of of an underling of infamous gangster Myer Lansky and was interviewed by the FBI about their relationship. He was interrogated once more by the Feds concerning the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Wrong place at the wrong time on that one. He was seen talking to a TASS reporter, regarding Reagan’s plan to drop the wheat embargo on the USSR, at the time it happened . No, he is not a commie!

Then there was this:

Greg Norman rant on golf: ‘We’ve really got to get our crap together’

And The Winner is …

October 28, 2009

LPGA Names Michael Whan as its Commissioner. Who?

Back-to-back: Looks like Cindy Lacrosse is on a roll. Won the final Suncoast Q-Scool Prep Series event.

Who would have thought? Disgraced cloning expert convicted in South Korea.

Getting Closer

October 22, 2009

Only one more course left to see as I prepare for the Futures Q-School marathon. Went over to Bridgewater today and had to take a cart. No walkers allowed. Even though we’ve played them all, a second look is necessary.

One remaining: Cindy Lacrosse wins the third Suncoast Prep Series event.

And then there were two? Candidate pool shrinks for LPGA’s top job. Your thoughts?

Eight is not enough: $800,00+ in winnings that is! Another looper – with an Asian boss and daddy calling the shots – bites the dust even though she cashed in big this year. Already lined up a new whipping boy I heard. The focus is on winning and if you don’t produce (and in some cases, even if you do) you’re gone. Ain’t that lovely.

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