2013 CN Canadian Women’s Open

August 25, 2013

Who owns Canada? Lydia Ko that’s who! Wins it for the second year running and with a five shot margin no less. Karine Icher doesn’t mind too much. Finishing second, she gets the $300K first place check.

Looks as if many of the Solheim Cup participants took their fervor up north this week. It was a good showing with both teams populating the top spots.

Stacy Lewis Tweet:  I’m sorry to all my fans, that was the first time I have pulled out of an event. The craziness of the last few weeks finally hit me.

Finished watching “The Dust Bowl” on Netflix yesterday. It was two episodes documenting the man-made ecological disaster of the 1930s. This is a must watch. What people consider hardship these days is a travesty compared to what those folks had to endure.

Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record – Thank god for climate change. Or is it our doing? When you live in the the shadow of Katrina, it doesn’t make a difference.

Where’s the liberal outrage? Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson all silent. The Thug Culture That Killed Chris Lane  88-year-old — WWII vet beaten to death by two black teens… *  

Then there was this:

Golf tournament raises $245K for Hotshots families

CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round Four

August 29, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

A four over finish. Made a few bucks but …

We played it up again in anticipation of Irene but couldn’t do anything about the wind. It was tricky.

Congrats to Brittany and A. J. Since A. J. is a Canuck, does this count as a partial Canadian win?

An omelet station for breakfast and surf-n-turf for lunch in the Caddy Shack. What a great sendoff.

The cold I can’t shake lowered my voice into the legendary Barry White range. Sounded something like this. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby

Stopped at the pharmacy for some meds Saturday afternoon. Picked up the house brand which offered half for daytime use (non-drowsy) and the other for nighty-night. Took two before hitting the sack and didn’t sleep a wink! No, I did not get them mixed-up. They’re color coded.

I’m lovin’ it! A new iPad is a big hit with one looper. I’m sure he’ll be toting it to the Solheim Cup.

Drove back to the I.C.E. Palace in Columbus after we finished. Arrived about 2 AM. Surprisingly, I did not come close to dosing off.

Mowed the lawn this morning. Looked like the primary rough cut at the Open. Will be picking-up the master of the house this evening. He was re-routed through Detroit because of Irene.

Then there was this:

Jacobsen revives popular Portland golf event

Sorenstam’s comments about Wie are off-base

Temecula’s Michaels wins Futures Tour event

CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round Three

August 27, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

One under today. Gained a few spots but the course was there for the taking. Plenty of birdie putts that just didn’t fall.

Split tees tomorrow starting at seven bells. Hope we get it done and out of Dodge before the heavy stuff arrives.

What an interesting leaderboard. It’s going to blow tomorrow but rain not expected until 2 PM. Patience will win the day.

Thumbs downSome folks are getting out early but one caddie’s trip to England has been delayed until Wednesday. Bummer.

As I stated previously, the eats in the caddy shack have been great but they dropped the ball with this morning’s spinach frittata with goat cheese. Would have made great stuffing for a bicycle seat. Nice and rubbery. All the uneaten pieces in the trash can was a clear giveaway. The spuds and maple-bacon were good though and of course the coffee. Oh, the coffee!

Thumbs upJen is cleaning-up on tips in the caddy shack and she deserves every dime. A job well done.

Heard yesterday’s CN party was a big hit. Plenty of interesting entertainment and appearances from retired Montreal Canadian hockey greats. What self-respecting Canadian hockey junky could pass up meeting Guy Lafleur?

Thumbs downWatching Wolf Blitzer on CNN. He couldn’t help getting a dig on President Bush and Katrina. How many years ago was that? What an a-hole! I miss FOX.

CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round Two

August 26, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Four under today and our group was a total of minus sixteen. That’s the way you golf your ball folks.

We played it down and the course was lengthened but it didn’t stop the player’s from lighting up this track.

Two stacks of towels awaited the caddies wishing to exchange their soiled ones. A sign on one pile read “Lucky low score towels’ and the other read “Cursed towels”. Of course I took the cursed one and so did most of the other loopers according to the Caddie Master.

After yesterday’s round, Jen (the Caddy Shack hostess) thought it was thee beer day for the week but au contraire mon chéri. We reminder her that Friday is cut day and to get rid of the milk in the cooler and replace it with Corona.

I heard there was an omelet station in the Caddy Shack yesterday morning. How good is that?

Thumbs downGreat! I’m having a relapse of the cough/cold I caught in Scotland. The germs must still be on my toothbrush.

The annual CN party is being held tonight and usually there is a theme that is followed. Given it’s cut day, I thought the French Revolution with a guillotine would be appropriate.

The hurricane is coming! The hurricane is coming! Everyone with car returns and flight connections in Irene’s path are looking for better options.

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour to use world ranking for 2 qualifiers in 2013 Solheim Cup

Sensational come-from-behind win for Smriti

ESPN’s Azinger mocks President Obama

CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round One

August 25, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Two over. Need to go low tomorrow.

We played ball-in-hand and a couple long holes were shortened. That’s why the leaderboard is peppered with red numbers.

The worm casts will be played as an embedded ball if you come to rest in one and stones in bunkers are movable. Why not throw in one free foot wedge? Just kidding.

No boomers as predicted. A little drizzle in the morning and a one-hole shower in the afternoon.

Thumbs downThe road in front of the course has been restricted all week but caddies were let passed the roadblock. Not today though. They were sent one exit north where the signage isn’t very clear.

Giulia Sergas was warming up next to us on the range and one of the volunteers decided to give her caddie tips on playing the course. She was kind of befuddled and let the guy go on and on. Giulia finally stepped in to end it.

Then there was this:

Lori Atsedes Wins LPGA T&CP National Championship

Bright future for Canadian women’s golf

CN Canadian Women’s Open – Wednesday

August 24, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Good thing we played ten and eleven yesterday. That gave us the luxury of  bypassing the horde waiting too tee up on the back this morning. Joined a twosome on twelve and coasted the rest of the way.

Real men don’t eat quiche…except in the caddie shack this week. A hot breakfast and lunch everyday and a pastry tray second to none. It’s s a five star setup as usual up here. TV and internet is also provided. The hostess in charge is very easy on the eyes also, so we got that goin’ for us.

Moira played this track about a month agro and the fairways were in pristine condition. Not so this week. They are pot marked with worm casts leaving nickel-sized bare spots everywhere. Plenty of bad lies await us.

LightningOh-oh, boomers expected tomorrow.

Stranger than fiction: One looper’s luggage did not make connection through Detroit (I guess two hours wasn’t enough time) but was promised delivery the next day to the Holiday Inn where he was staying. When morning came, there still was no sign of it so he walked across the street to the Sheraton for a ride to the course. Upon stating his name, he was surprised to find out that a lady standing next to the person assisting him knew where his errant bag was. For some reason it was delivered to her room at the Sheraton! They did not have similar last names either. You just can’t make this stuff up. Timing is everything.

Then there was this:

Wet conditions should benefit long hitters

Sorenstam, Griffey Jr. sign on for Forsgate Golf Classic

Blumenherst pitches Fort Wayne for LPGA event

CN Canadian Women’s Open – Tuesday

August 23, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Played eleven holes after lunch. The pace couldn’t get much slower for the first few hole then it finally thinned out. We’ll finish the rest tomorrow morning before the pro-am.

I walked the course before we played and came upon Michelle Wie. As she walked to the sixth tee, four guys from the maintenance crew gave her an ovation. They waited for her to tee off then repeated their overt sign of adoration.

Many of the greens at Hillsdale slope more than most courses and are being cut twice each day to make them even more challenging. The two exceptions are the first and third. Their severity calls for an evening mowing only to make them more playable.

Allison Hanna had to make do with Katie Future’s sticks in the Monday qualifier. Hers never made it in time from Portland. She didn’t make  but has first alternate status.

The par three tees are protected with a green plastic mesh resembling a wider weave of chicken wire and it’s very easy to get snagged while traversing this artificial mine field. It caught Scraper on the eleventh. Went for the “triple lyndy” as he put it, face first into the turf.

When the wind dies, the Canadian national bird (the gnat) emerge from their lairs to feast and annoy the unwary. One flew so far up my left nostril I think it bonded to my prefrontal cortex.

It basically came down to the number seven for the Solheim Captain’s picks. Since no one really stood out, that was the number of Solheim Cups Rosie had played in so a top seven finish in Portland was the criteria.

Then there was this:

Former LPGA Tour Player Janet Coles to Lead Dartmouth Women’s Golf Program

Steinhauer ready to call it quits

Eathorne enjoying life as a caddy … for now

It’s been 38 years since a Canadian won an LPGA event on home soil

J.B. Holmes Needs Brain Surgery, Forcing Withdrawal From PGA Golf Playoffs

CN Canadian Women’s Open-Round Four

September 6, 2009

Motorcycle Jim, Jay, Louie and myself headed up to Lake Louise for a bit of sightseeing. Fantastic! More pics next week.

lake louise

Does it get any better?

Just as I promised: More bull riding. Click right here or the link in the YouTube LPGA section.

What are they thinking? Heard the field next week is severely lacking in top players and renewal of the event may be in jeopardy for that reason. P&G and John Q. Hammons deserve better than this, In addition, we’re playing in the city of Walmart headquarters. Who knows,  somewhere down the line they may jump on board. No matter who the Commissioner is, if the players don’t suck it up and support what they have left, the loss will be on their collective heads.

Then again, maybe the answer should lie with the power of the Commissioner? He or she have the authority to guarantee a number of top players in the top twenty. Leave it up to the players at first to figure it out but if it has to done, “you will play” should be the order of the day.

CN Canadian Women’s Open-Round Three

September 5, 2009

Stayed home today. Passed on the caddied lunch at the course.

Nice move putting the tee up on seventeen and eighteen.

New event on the horizon? Even our wannabe “Commissioner caddie” didn’t know about this one. – The plan calls for the LPGA event to be played through 2014 at Tega Cay with a $1.1million purse, according to the town’s news release. – Just southwest of Charlotte NC, Tega Cay CC is located in the Rock Hill area.

Another on the move: The LPGA Sybase Classic is leaving the Upper Montclair Country Club, and it may be moving out of New Jersey.

Not one to miss: CN hosted one hell of a bash at the Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall last night. Copious amounts of food and drink, cowboy hats and bandannas for all, a band, spray-on tattoos and mechanical bull (the high-light or low-light for some folks) probably made this the best party ever. Click here for the full lineup of pics.

party group clagary

Howdy Partner!

tam riding bull

Yeeee ha!

More bull riding to come.

CN Canadian Women’s Open-Round Two

September 4, 2009

My player is Stephanie Louden.

Hit it better but still no weekend play for us.

Natures perfect food? Not for out here. Looking for a convenient snack to stash in the golf bag, Steph happened upon a snack bar in the locker room chocked full of an assortment of nuts and seeds. It seemed the perfect substitute for the usual sugar laden cereal bars but closer scrutiny found it not as desirable as first thought. Hemp seeds were also included and, given the strict drug policy on tour, not a wise choice. They were removed and replaced with something more nutritionally empty.

In case you haven’t heard: The Jamie Farr was signed for another year but with a substantial cut in the purse. Only fifteen more agreements to pen and we’ll be on easy street. 😉

Contemplating a move? Why not Canada eh? Everything is provided by the Government “free of charge” and now they’re even on the the upswing in job growth, albeit part-time. Really not much of a story but hey, I wanted something local.

I’m, so sexy in my … do-rag? Along with the cowboy hats, belts (adorned with humongous buckles) and bandannas were also given to the players. Danielle Downey brought her goodie-bag to the caddie shack for a little fashion show.

rick bandanna

But Rick, can you make a swan out of it?

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