Kingsmill Championship 2016

May 21, 2016

Paul Pope usually handles scoreboard duties here and does excellent work as always but he had another commitment and is absent. An electronic substitute was put in play to compensate but falls woefully short at providing quick and comprehensive access to what’s happening.

Here’s Volunteer Dave working the self-serve scoreboard. You have to go underneath to access the scroll bar which no one knows. What a pathetic substitute.

Dave isn’t officially working this week but still is helping out.

Dave Hamada at scoreboard Kingsmill 2016

I can’t believe this week was the first time I paid a visit to the Sportsman’s Grille. Besides a great menu and happy hour, they have an entire room devoted to pictures of LPGA players and caddies along with a plethora of memorabilia.  Here are just a few choice photos.

Donna and Greg Sportsmans Grille picture

Country Club_Motrocycle_Jody Keepers Sportsmans Grille pictures

Rick Kropf Sportsmans Grille picture

Tommy Thorpe Sportmans Grille

I see the LPGA Stage 3 finals is still scheduled for the first week of December as always. I guess the announcement of the week long Ferrari World Finals, held at the Daytona Speedway the same time, had no influence on a date change. Must not have been an alternative.

The Other Dave

March 30, 2016

Dave Hamada has to be the top fan of the LPGA. With 77 tournaments under his belt as a volunteer (add one more for this week). Starting back in 1984 at the Women’s Kemper Open at the Royal Kaanapali course, Dave has traveled throughout the country following his passion.

I’m staying with him this week along with Bully. Bully is cooking and I installed a new router and attempted to fix some stuck vertical blinds. I’m batting .500.

Here are just a few of the mementos of Dave’s participation.

Dave Hamada souvenir badges

Bully and I hooked up with Mark Scott at La Casitas Restaurant Sunday evening. For three hours we chatted, drank and ate.

Larry_Mark and Bully Palm Springs 2016

Then there was this:

Amy Alcott happy with Olympic course design

Earning My Keep

April 2, 2012

I guess scrubbing the bathroom and mopping three rooms of tile floor wasn’t enough to square me with the master of the house for my stay. Before I sneak out of town tomorrow morning, one last item was on the agenda to fulfill my indentured servitude. It was a wash and wax of Mr. Dave’s chariot. Doesn’t sound so bad does it? But there’s always a catch. His ride a 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Luxury Sport with more outer body real-estate than a Budweiser beer truck. Luckily, I paced myself.

To be fair, no arm-twisting was required. It was my altruistic personality that insisted. Open-mouthed smile

daves car

Master Dave and The Beast

SBS Open-2009

February 14, 2009

Blowing even more today. Ran into “super fan” Dave Hamada working transportation at the hotel. He has a portable anemometer and clocked the wind at just over 12 mph when I snapped this photo. Seconds later it gusted to 30!


A case for Five-O: $900 worth of fraudulent charges and a check being stolen from her room -at the Turtle Bay Resort- is what one player had to deal with this week. Apparently, the number of her credit card was copied and purchases made by phone.

Not a happy camper: After 15 years, SBS lost the rights to this event to its competitor, J Golf, and a move to the mainland is anticipated. According to an article in GolfWorld, SBS CEO, Sang Y. Chun, seemed distressed by the sudden turn of events. Here is just a snippet to peak your interest. –Chun, who said he was “disappointed, upset really” at losing the contract, said his feelings were “not about the money [but] about the way we were treated.” “They have moved Tiffany’s from 57th Street in Manhattan to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn,” Chun said.-

SBS Open

February 15, 2008

A double on the last hole stopped us from moving into contention. Shot even.

We know who you are: The only addendum to the slow play rule is the option for an official to time only one person in the group instead of all three. About time.

Headin’ for the show: Dina’s niece, Laura Ann, has moved up from commercials to the big time. She landed a role in the next Adam Sandler film, Bedtime Stories.

Worth a look: Check out Hound Dog’s LPGA Blog. He has video of the near eagle we had on fourteen.

Trivia answer: Steve McGarrett’s right-hand man, Danny Williams (played by James MacAthur) took LPGA pro H. B. Duntz as his third wife many Hawaiian moons ago. The following was taken from THE HAWAII FIVE-0 NEWSLETTER October 2002

Many of you wondered how Jim met his wife H.B. Duntz. Jim belongs to the Waialae Country Club on Oahu. At the time a friend of his asked if he had met the new golf instructor, H.B., “I don’t need golf lessons I told her,” Jim related. “And then I was crossing the parking lot and met H.B. I quickly decided I needed lessons from her.” H.B. had taken a year off the tour (LPGA) and was the golf pro at Waialae.*”

Hey, pass the doobie: I’m hearing bits and pieces of the newly implemented drug policy so don’t take this to the bank.

Players will be chosen at random, notified when completing the round then escorted to the “doping station” where a urine sample is taken. If tested positive, another sample is taken to verify the results. If positive once more, they have 45 days to appeal. The penalty is steep. One year off and back to Q-School. Second offense is a lifetime ban. I’m sure there’s more to it.

You make the call: Super-fan and volunteer Dave Hamada, is handling player transportation from the hotel to the course and back. Hobbled recently by a hernia operation and injured leg, Dave has been regulated to using a cane for an aide and after close scrutiny of his comings and goings, I perceived something eerily familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it hit me. The subtle nuances, crunchy exterior and outlandish attire mimicked a favorite character of one and all. See if you agree.


Dave, greeting the first to arrive.

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