Gave Me Goose Bumps

June 7, 2016

So I was sitting in the caddie area last Monday – during the qualifier rain delay – talking with Tom Borwick and his player Kate Scarpetta and I mentioned Donna White, one of my former players back in the 1980’s. This piqued the interest of an elderly gentleman conversing with Sam the caddie master.

His name was Frank Duncan and was Vicky Hurst’s high school golf coach. Back in 1980 he caddied on the LPGA for a short period and Donna’s name dislodged an unusual memory.

He recalled the time he was looping for Therese Hession at Rio Pinar Country Club in Orlando. Donna had decided to make a caddie switch and gave her current looper the option of working that week or take it off with full salary. He took the money and ran which turned out to be the first domino to fall in a series of improbable events. Donna took a local that week and as luck (or was it bad luck?) would have it, she won! The caddie who opted for the easy paycheck was nicknamed “Bad Luck Chuck”.

Laura Baugh and Bad Luck Chuck

 “Bad Luck Chuck” on Laura Baugh’s bag, Wheeling WV

I knew that story well because I was there also. In fact, I was in Donna’s group at the start of the event. Everyone knew Donna had game and we were all trying to get her bag.

Therese wanted Frank to work the event at Upper Montclair NJ a few weeks later but he decided life on the road was not for him and took a different path. Me, I went to New Jersey and got my first win. You see, I was the lucky one to get Donna White. 🙂 We won in a playoff with Debbie Massey.

When I told Frank my story, it gave me goose bumps. Imagine two people meeting at a precise moment in time, separated by thirty-six years and bonded by such an improbable tale.

If it wasn’t for the rain delay, both of us in the same place and my mention of Donna, this chapter could not have been written. Truly amazing.

There goes those goose bumps again. 🙂

Then there was this:

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Fresh faces fill the field for ShopRite LPGA Classic pro tourney

Michigan’s Iacobelli uses Volvik for a good cause

The Show

January 30, 2010

Finally. Something to write about.

Many thanks go out to to my buddy Tommy G. and Royce for getting the pass for me. Met Royce at the hotel on his way in and he showed me the ropes on this extravagant event. Even though I thought it was pretty expansive, Royce, and many others, said it was only a fraction of shows past. Used to be elbow-to-elbow with only the middle aisle navigable.

My first visit to the PGA Merchandise Show was a memorable one. Literally. Players who have long departed from the tour, many moons ago, seemed to pop up everywhere. Here are just a few I espied. Amy Fruhwirth, Jackie Bertsch, Michelle Bell, Karen Noble, Colleen Walker (I think that was her) Nancy Rubin and Donna White. Had two wins with Donna “back in the day” and it was great to see her again.

Of course, Nancy Lopez was there and Dottie Pepper was roaming around. A few current players floated by also, with new equipment and potential sponsors on their minds I’m sure, among other things.

Even though the LPGA booth was smaller this year (that’s what I was told) it didn’t seem to lack popularity. A few players stopped by for autograph sessions which had folks lining up down the aisle. Christina Kim and Paula Creamer were the most popular when I passed by. Creamer had plenty of action at the Sundog eyewear booth but nothing like the LPGA venue. She was dressed to the nines in a hip-hugging skirt and high heels which was in contrast with most of the others. In fact, I over heard one fan referring to a player as “The one who didn’t bother to make herself look pretty.” “Image is everything” to the public.

Along with autographs, anyone wishing to have their photo taken with an LPGA star was obliged without question. Among the mix were DFT players and participants right out of Q-School. Mallory Blackwelder even did a stint with mom acting as press agent. Natalie was scheduled for Friday but had to cancel for reasons unknown to me. Very much not like her I was told, so it probably was unavoidable. Heard there was a line of young, buff guys waiting for her.

A little more face recognition would be helpful to some players I learned. While Anna Nordqvist put in time signing her John Hancock, I saw two people point her out and proclaim their adoration for Suzann Pettersen.

Michael Whan, the new Commissioner, even stopped by and the cameras were rolling. Looks like a people person to me. Not like She-Who-Must-Be-Named. Lucky his first name isn’t Don.

I must have done 4-5 laps around this place. Tried to see it all and I think I did. Heard the vast majority of golf related business is negotiated this week and one could see why. If you have any presence at all i the golf business, you’re here. One end was dedicated to apparel and the other equipment, with every gadget and accessory in-between. An indoor range was set up next to the equipment so everything new and shiny could be demoed, tested and fitted. My favorite stop though was the cushiony chairs adorning one of the over-priced eateries that dotted this venue. Gave my dogs time to recoup before continuing on.

Overall, this is just what I needed to break the boredom of an interminable off-season. Wonder what will be next around the corner?


In the works? Heard a strong rumor that an event in Dallas will be added to this year’s schedule.

Good move: I’m assuming that due to the lack of full schedule, players out of Q-School will now be allowed to play in three DFT tournaments but only five spots will be allotted for them in each event. Don’t know what the pecking order will be.


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I’m done.

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