Garden City Classic 2016 – Round 1 and 2

September 10, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Missed again. +5 and +4.

Kassandra Rivera was in our group. It was her first Symetra event and it showed. When she was looking for a yardage mark on the par five 13th during the first round, I pointed out the 50 painted on the fairway. After hitting the shot, which came up quite short of the hole, she came over and asked “Was that to the middle?’’ Of course it wasn’t. The paint is always to the front of the green.

Tall fescue line many of the fairways and our group saw more than our share yesterday. Maddie lost a ball on three. Ran out the full five minutes looking for it. Seconds after the limit was reached, it was found. Had to re-tee.

Kassandra hit one left on nine into the gunge and the provisional way right into the same stuff. We couldn’t find either one. Think that put a dent in the pace of play?

We had a two and a half hour delay due to fog for round 2. I hung around the range while Maddie played the card game Spoons with her buds.

FLASH! We were supposed to play next week’s event right down the road at Southwind Country Club but due to the poor conditions caused by a fungus, we will play at Buffalo Dunes again. The good thing is, we end on Saturday. This is like the Symetra Tour’s version of the movie Groundhog Day.

Don’t have to buy a yardage book for next week but I assume “Kenny The Wizard” made one for Southwind. He’s going to take a hit in the pocket book for sure. Since he is the official yardage book maker of the Symetra Tour, I hope some sort of compensation is offered.

Maddie decided to take the next two events off so I’ll be looking for a bag.

Many players are staying at hotels these two weeks. Heard access to private housing was limited to support the local economy.

You never know who you might run into on the road. Tom and I were having coffee in the breakfast area of our motel when we struck up a conversation with a man regarding the upcoming college football game being held today at Bristol Motor Speedway.

The subject eventually turned to pro ball and we found out he’s a good friend of John Elway and played high school ball against Jim McMahon. Supposedly, he had a record seven interceptions in one game against Jim. Didn’t seem he was smoking crack at the time to me so I’ll take him at his word. 🙂

Then there was this:

Phil Mickelson is lobbying to play with Tiger Woods at the Safeway Open

Former LPGA standout picking up pickleball

Sara Anne McGetrick Named WCU Women’s Golf Coach

Alex’s Grimes wins coveted LPGA T&CP National Championship

Jockey escapes serious injury after narrowly avoiding flying golf ball during race at Sandown Park

Outrage as World Dog Show is set to be held in China despite ‘ghastly’ meat trade revelations – We all know what’s going to happen to the losers. Can someone pass the A1 please?

Garden City Classic 2016 – Pro-Am

September 7, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

We were in the morning wave which was nice and only three amateurs which made it even nicer.

Had lunch with Maddie and a few other players at Traditions. It’s diner with 50s and 60s music and sandwiches named The Big Bopper and The Chubby Checker. Of course, fountain delights like chocolate malteds and root beer floats dot the menu.

“F**k these Kansas winds!” That’s what one player heard over the speaker as her flight had a harrowing landing in Garden City. I’m sure many players will be saying the same thing before the week is over. 🙂

One of the trucks hauling the tour’s equipment broke down just west of Lincoln Nebraska. Took six hours to get a replacement and transfer everything. That had to be fun.

A player staying at our motel decided to hitch a ride to the course yesterday instead of taking her Mercedes. Bad choice. The guy next door to us backed into it and didn’t notice (oh really?). Good thing for security cameras. They had it all. It was just the rear taillight so he wrote a check to cover the damage.

Just When I Thought I Was Settled In

June 14, 2016

I was in Grand Rapids looking for a bag yesterday when I got a call from Maddie Shiels on the Symetra Tour. They’re playing in South Bend and she wanted me to work for her. I agreed but with one caveat. I was paid in full at the Motel 6 and had to get at least a partial refund or I would stay the entire week. Then another call came in. A caddie was looking for a room at the 6 but misplaced his drivers license and they wouldn’t let him check-in. I offered my room at a discount and the deal was made. Minutes later I was off to South Bend.

Before leaving Blythfield Country Club, I captured these two seasoned loopers checking notes on their yardage books. Upstate Jay was describing the “thick hollow” (a term only a student of golf course architecture would use) that lies over one of the greens.

Upstate is working for Maude-Aimee Leblanc and Bully for Lisa Ferraro.

Upstate Jay and Bully coparing notes Meijer Calssic 2016

I noticed Cindy Feng has not teed it up since Dallas. Wonder what happened?

I walked the back nine this morning and when Maddie arrived, we played the front. She had one of those travel nightmares one tries to forget but arrived only a couple hours later than scheduled with not much sleep.

There was a hole in the Symetra schedule the week of September 12-16 but not anymore. They play in Garden City Kansas the week prior and believe it or not, the new tournament is in the same city! WHAT? Back-to-back back events in America’s heartland. 🙂 The first is four days and the second three on a different course.

Garden City is OK but after two straight weeks, I think you become an honorary citizen with voting privileges. 🙂 Talk about getting away from it all. Yikes!

Garden City Classic – Round Two

September 19, 2015

I’m looping for Liz Wendt.

My cut-making streak on the Symetra Tour has come to an end. Shot four over.

Getting out of Dodge (actually through Dodge) early in the morning. Next stop El Dorado Arkansas. Looping for Liz again.

Then there was this:

Tiger Woods has second back surgery, done for 2015

The story behind the golf scene in Johnny Depp’s new movie, “Black Mass”

Garden City Classic – Round One

September 18, 2015

I’m looping for Liz Wendt.

Six over after six then one under the rest of the way. Liz admitted she was a bit out of it at the start then settled down. The wind was steady when we teed off but was howling by the time we finished. 25-30 mph easy.

My WeatherBug app forecast the wind at 9 mph all day!

Liz noticed a player in the group in front of us frantically scribbling on her pin sheet before starting play. So she took a look to satisfy her curiosity. “Target, Smile, Target, Smile” was the script written randomly over and over. Oddly enough, the scowl on her face as she scribbled showed a failure to follow her own advice.

As we greeted our cart driver, I reminded him that under no circumstances should he give anyone in our group a ride during play. As we crossed over to number one after completing our first nine, he drove up to me and asked if I wanted a ride. DOH!

The edge of the rough transitions into what can be only be described as unharvested hay and contributed greatly to our poor start. After going from one side of the fourteenth fairway to the other and finishing the hole with a four putt triple, I had to lighten the mood.

While exciting the green, I told Liz she just saved me a bunch of money. “Going on safari was on my bucket list and now I could scratch it off.” I said.

We used a seven iron for the approach to the third green and I either missed the bag putting it back or it fell out as I walked. Either way, I didn’t notice but rules official J.R. did. She rode up, collected the downed stick and handed it to me. “You know it’s windy when the clubs get blown out of the bag.” she observed.

We wouldn’t have gotten far before noticing though. That was the club of choice on the par three which was the next hole.

The flies are numerous and tenacious here. As soon as the wind dies, they are on you like flies on, well, you know what.

Sign on the Tournament HQ door.

no fly zone sign Garden City

Unfortunately, flies can’t read and it seems that some people can’t either.

Today there was not a one to be seen. Too windy.

Then there was this:

A Cinderella story: Bill Murray, brothers inducted into Caddie Hall of Fame

Henderson sisters enjoy caddying for each other

Garden City Classic – Thursday

September 17, 2015

Looping for Liz Wendt

Walked the course with Liz during the afternoon pro-am. I told her to bring a helmet but she shunned my advice.

The player injured by the cart is in the field. Saw her on the range. Looks good.

From the LPGA website: Brooke Henderson, the 18-year-old who has won both on the Symetra Tour (Four Winds Invitational) and the LPGA Tour (Cambia Portland Classic) this year, is in Garden City this week working as a caddie for her older sister Brittany, who ranks 43rd on the Volvik Race for the Card money list with one top 10 finish.

Garden City Classic – Wednesday

September 16, 2015

Looping for Liz Wendt.

Liz isn’t arriving until this evening and there is a morning and afternoon pro-am tomorrow. That means no practice round but she did play here last year.

Even though I rode around the Buffalo Dunes track yesterday and filled my yardage book with a copious amount of succinct notes, I walked it today. That’s a better way to get a true feel for the course.

The strong SSW wind will change to NNE by Friday. So much for practice.

Watched Feherty’s encore interview with Donald Trump. At the end, he asked Trump what would he like to have written on his tombstone but before he had a chance to answer, Feherty suggested “ I told you I was sick.” 🙂

No word on the player who was run down by the golf cart last week.

The LPGA Tour’s next potential star currently has her mom as her caddie – Any unemployed loopers want her number? Or maybe you just wish to upgrade.

Garden City Classic – Tuesday

September 15, 2015

Nothing on the line so far but I have a couple bites.

Update: Last week was a shutout and this week had two players and had to pick.

I’m will be looping for Liz Wendt. She just got in. I have her for 2nd stage so it was a good fit. Hated to leave the other player hanging and then I find out they’re rooming together this week!

Checked the course on a buggy. The only way to go when it’s hot and windy. 25-30 mph steady all day. Like being in a convection oven.

Left of the fifth fairway is where the buffalo roam. Spotted these two along with a calf.

buffalo garden city ks

NOT! They’re just silhouettes. The real buffalo have long been decimated by the evil white-eyes.

A  post on Facebook has Mike Carrick fired after the final round in Evian. Finished T-4 with a $151K  paycheck.

Then there was this:

Feherty to Join NBC Golf Coverage

Colorful Kansas

September 14, 2015

“This ain’t Dodge City. And you ain’t Bill Hickok”. – Matthew Quigley

In fact, Dodge City is just down the road. Have to go through there on the tedious trek to the next stop, El Dorado AR.

Upstate Jay and Tom are headed in different directions and will miss the Garden City Charity Classic here in America’s heartland, Garden City Kansas. “The Nerd”, originally scheduled to be here, yearned for the trappings of home and is bound for Florida.

I was told Garden City was devoid of interest but that’s not quite true. It is home to Garden City Community College and the Finney County Game Refuge. So it’s got that goin’ for ‘em. 🙂 Compared to last week, it’s a booming metropolis.

Staying at the “newly remodeled” Flamingo Motel at the beginning of the industrial part of town. Perfect caddie digs.

The Solheim Cup is this week. Does anyone care?

Speaking of cups, possession of the Potawatomi Cup was solidified with the win by Annie Park. She gets bragging rights and an extra $6K for the effort.

I was considering using Waze instead of Google Maps to navigate here but it was 45 minutes longer and not a direct route. I’ll stick with Google.

Then there was this:

Former QB Ron Jaworski wins big in golf

Taiwan’s Teresa Lu wins Japan LPGA major

PGA of America Secretary Suzy Whaley to be Honored as 2015 Sports Business Journal

Robots are going to steal the jobs of … as they unveil full list of likely robot professions – No mention of caddies but …

Ex-wife of John Daly turns herself in

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