FireKeepers Casino Championship – Tuesday

July 19, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

The plan was to touch them all but Maddie was a tad tired so we took the day off.

This is my first anniversary on the Symetra Tour. I debuted right here with Mary Narzisi. This week I’m in the envious position of working for the defending champion.

Heard a great story from The Women’s Open.

Many players opt not to hire a tour caddie. You see that a lot at The Open. Basically, it’s the friends and family event of the year. Most know they’re not going to make the cut so having someone on the bag to share the experience is part the magic but having a caddie unfamiliar with tournament golf could turn disastrous.

Upstate Jay was looping for Maude-Amiee Leblanc and was paired with amateur Hannah Wood the first two rounds who had her dad on the bag. It was a mundane situation for the most part but what happened on the fifteenth hole in the second round would live on forever as one of the best caddie stories ever.

They all teed off and just before arriving to their shots, Jay turned around and noticed that Hannah’s dad, being the doting patriarch that many dads are, was peeling a banana for his daughter. How nice. The only problem was, that is all he was carrying. He had left the golf bag on the tee! Making the situation worse, the group was behind and on the clock! Dad sprinted back (maybe sprint is a bit on an exaggeration but I wasn’t there) and retrieved the lost luggage. They finished without penalty and Hannah failed to make the cut. What a tale. That memory alone was worth the price of admission.

There was a Dunkin’ Donuts stand behind the tenth tee last week dispensing free iced or hot coffee and a variety of donut holes. As one group came through on Sunday, a player’s mom stopped in and loaded two large cups with a dozen of the delectable nuggets and opted to leave the coffee behind. No way is she working that off in nine holes. 🙂

The constant drum beat the the women are supporting Olympic golf more than the men is true but not all the countries are on board.

Cathryn Bristow surpasses Liv Cheng to qualify for Rio Olympics – Not so fast. Cathryn posted on Facebook that the New Zealand Olympic Committee has decided not to send her. A guess they assume Lydia Ko was enough or did Lydia demand the moon for her participation and it broke their budget?

The Netherlands have nixed both women’s qualifiers stating that they had to rank in the top 100 or it was a no go.

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