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March 2, 2012

Belated congratulations to Jill McGill (another former boss) and hubby Patrick on the birth of their baby girl Bella, way back on Feb. 11th.

Then there was this:

Patty Sheehan & Friends Pro-AM Announces 2012 Date

Future of golf TV may be on display this weekend

Taylor Swift sends Jessica Korda flowers

Slow golfers to receive yellow cards"… Some of them pretend not to have heard what tour officials said to them during a round about slow play." – Imagine that.

Casie Cathrea, Bay Area Jr. golf standout, wins chance at Kia Classic entry

Bell Micro Classic – Round Three

May 15, 2010

My Player is Jill Mcgill

Three over today. Nothing to lose tomorrow. Go for it Jill!

Lessons needed: Combine a bunch of newbie loopers and bunkers full of  loosely compacted sand and what do you get? Some real sorry-ass rake jobs that’s what! The toothed side of the rake is not always the best option in these conditions. Looks like someone’s been plowin’ the back forty out here. Their eyesight may be failing also. Not even getting all the footprints. Found a rake placed in a bunker. That’s a no-no. It’s the player’s responsibility so, at a minimum, a notice should be posted reminding them to keep an eye on their cadero.

One for the WTF files: Mark “Greenvan” (used to drive a green van) went out before his round yesterday to check some pin placements. Upon arriving on the sixth hole, he observed Janice Moodie returning to the tee box to replay her shot after taking an unplayable. He decided to follow the group to the green where the strangest thing happened. Janice was last to putt and her looper, Jerry “The Visor” (I think you can figure that one out), took he ball, cleaned it, then walked over to Mark and gave it to him. Not thinking, Mark pocketed the pellet and continued watching. When Janice asked for the ball, “The Visor” reached into the bag , brought out a substitute and gave it to her. Another looper in the group came up to Mark and asked if that was the ball in play. Jerry either overheard the question or realized his doofus error and stopped Janice in the nick of time. He retrieved the original ball and she finished out with it. May be time to ditch the visor and and get a hat. That sun can be brutal!

D’DOH! Rice disqualified from tournament … his caddie used a range-finding scope …

Git-r-done! Split tees are the order of the day tomorrow. Foul weather on the horizon. Some players and caddies have to get to US Open qualifier on Monday. Oh, oh.

Bell Micro Classic – Round One

May 13, 2010

My Player is Jill Mcgill

Shot even. One bird and one bogey. They moved some tees up and it played fairly easy.

Complaint department: I’m sure there were a few after the practice rounds, regarding the firmness of the course, but moving the tee up on the third hole thirty yards was a joke. Turned a lion into a pussy cat. Considering the absence of rough, unless the wind blows, this track has lost it’s bite. I know the shorter hitters would like to have some equity but as former Rules Official, Robert O, always said “Golf wasn’t meant to be fare.”

Memories of Erica: Mark Scott worked for Liselotte Neumann for nineteen years and recalls the day when a little up and coming junior golfer asked for an autograph during the event at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas but Lotta offered her glove instead. That little girl, was Erica.

Jeff Steffler looped for Erica most of last season and recollects that no matter her score, a smile and time for autographs was offered to every fan.

El stinko! Every looper gets a different color bib so the gallery knows who’s about to hit in each group. I had green but I guess they ran out of that color and had to reuse mine for the afternoon. Good luck with that.

No do-overs: Paula Moreno is fourth on the Futures Tour money list and chose to play here on a last minute decision. Shot +3 and is way down the list.

What was that again? Jill is now wearing wide-brimmed headgear, ala Anna Rawson, in an effort to deflect the sun’s rays. Given they’re similar statures, she has been mistaken for Anna a few times but a looper’s comment, down Morelia way, that they do look similar, except for that extra twenty pounds Jill is carrying, is not exactly the thing women wish to hear. No harm. Jill tells the story with witty assuredness.

On the table: Pork rinds, queso and a beer graced my dining table last night. Wonder what tantalizing delights are in store this evening?

Speaking of good eats, the menu in the player dining area is fantastic as always. Southern staples don the breakfast menu including grits and biscuits with sausage gravy. Today’s lunch good have been themed ‘Morelia in Mobile” given the Mexican flare. Of course, lest not we forget the banana pudding, complete with nilla wafers, which is ubiquitous down here. Thanks to Jill for letting me dine with her (a little butt kissing goes a long way) and to the sponsor for their gracious hospitality. I don’t think that is said enough.

Someone get a grip! A 15-Year Old Says She’s Ready to Turn Pro Can’t they just let Alexis Thompson grow up first?

Bell Micro Classic – Tuesday

May 11, 2010

My Player is Jill Mcgill

Played the back nine first with Leta Lindley and Jackie Gallagher-Smith then the front by our lonesome. The big hitters will have a huge advantage with the greens so firm. Wedges stop better than mid-irons and hybrids. You can quote me on that. 😉

Blame it on Patrick: Jill’s hubby was the first to bring out the baby shoe for use as a putter cover and the rest is history. Now we know who to blame.

Not a good start to the week: Wie and Webb have their reserved parking places next to each other but identical Kia vans were parked in each before Webbie arrived today. Best guess is that the Wie entourage occupied both places with total disregard for Karrie. Don’t know that for sure but it’s a good bet.

The nth degree: After twenty years, just eight credits stood between Jill and her communications degree from USC. She finally completed her two decade quest last Friday and earned her sheepskin. Congratulations Jill!

The hits just keep coming: – "[Woods] says he’s been playing with a bad neck for about a month and thinks it could be a bulging d–k," said McMurry. – Golf Channel reporter Win McMurry mixes up Tiger Woods’ ‘bulging disk’ with male anatomy

Who is this? Ever call 911 with the phone in your pocket? I did the other day. How, I don’t know.

Michelob Ultra Open-Round Two

May 8, 2009

Never left the condo except to work out. Even free food at the course wasn’t enough of an enticement.

Pro-am-less: I mentioned in an earlier post that the pro-am was short a few players but I forgot to include that the Monday pro-am was scratched all together. The State Farm Classic – held in Springfield IL – is also having trouble filling their slots. Thirty-four bodies short is what I count. Check out the story from The State Journal-register.

Good times and good eats: One party I wasn’t going to pass up was our annual bash at Busch Gardens. Recession food such as ribs, roast beef, chicken and all the fixins were offered up for our consumption and adult beverages to wash them down. No matter what, it looked like almost everyone left a little room for the most decadent, triple chocolate cake on the planet, for dessert.

Of course, we had the run of the park and the roller coasters are always on the top of the list but for those who wished to let their gluttonous escapade digest a bit, a more mundane enterprise was to their liking. We were all given $10 game cards and a few of us brought home some furry friends. Below are just a few of the winners. The rest to the photos may be found at 2009-Busch Gardens.

Side note on the RSVP situation. None was necessary as always. If you showed up, you got in. What a waste of resources.


Jill McGill and the frog Prince?


Vicky Hurst fan club.


A clean sweep for the Johnston-Forbes clan.

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